Tasting Thomasville: Bacchus


Today’s Tasting Thomasville venue has been mentioned in passing (see our YEP! Bar Crawl post and video) but now gets it’s day in the sun.

I was happy to see that there was a wine bar downtown, Bacchus, when we first moved here. And the fact that it was next door to the yarn shop seemed like a fabulous combo to me! But it wasn’t until our first Valentine’s Day as Thomasville residents that we made the time to visit. They were hosting a wine tasting dinner in the event space next door.

Valentine's Selfie!

Valentine’s Selfie!

Bacchus is located on W Jackson St, "on the bricks" as you come into town on Hwy 319.

Bacchus is located at 229 W Jackson St, “on the bricks” as you come into town on Hwy 319.


The vintage clutch I used at our wedding making a cameo in this shot–I thought it’d be fun to put it into service for a night out.

Dinner started off with bruschetta and a garden salad served at the table. We shared a table with two other couples and enjoyed chatting with them over dinner.


The main course was served buffet-style and included Beef Wellington, grilled mushrooms, seasoned potatoes, asparagus, and chicken fettuccine alfredo.



Dessert was a choice of cheesecake or warm brownie (the brownie might have been a touch underdone, but it was still rich and chocolatey, and the little chocolate arrow was a nice touch).

Our wines, the real reason for the event!

Our wines, the real reason for the event!

Paired with the courses were some very tasty wines.

  • Chamisal Unoaked Chardonnay
    This was really nice and light. I like the idea of a crisp chardonnay, but not the oaky reality of it, so an unoaked version is right up my alley. All the buttery notes with none of the barrel!
  • Bistro Pinot Noir
    Of course we enjoyed this one as we enjoyed almost any Pinot Noir. I think this was Todd’s favorite of the night and, if my searches are pulling up the same one, it’s a very wallet-friendly wine (which is always nice).
  • Broquel Malbec
    This was my favorite of the evening and I find myself, in general, enjoying the spicier notes of a good Malbec more often than the richness of a Pinot Noir these days.
  • Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon
    I remmeber being surprised by this one, as I usually don’t care for cabernet to drink (I’ll cook with it, but it’s not what I want to sip and savor if there are other options around). This was one very enjoyable, kind of mellow–or it could well be that the three previous wines had mellowed me, your guess!
  • Brachetto Fizz 56
    A sparkling red always peaks my interest because it’s still not super common to find them. This had definite floral and berry notes (a really strong nose, if I recall correctly) but tasted much more subtle.

Overall we definitely enjoyed ourselves at this event. The only downside was that we didn’t get a chance to try their regular menu. Aw, shucks, I guess we’d just have to come back.

Twist my arm why doncha?!

We got our chance during the Downtown Bar Crawl.


I won’t repeat myself overmuch, but the sushi really was delicious. Todd’s nachos were difficult to eat due to the pretty presentation, but tasty as well. One day we’ll try the sausage nachos (they’ve been out both times we’ve been).

The nacho experience came in handy as our next visit to Bacchus was with friends on Saturday afternoon, we advised them to order a spare plate along with the nachos. I had mentioned, a few years back, that I wanted a party for my 40th and that I didn’t want to plan it myself. Well, L decided it was going to be her project and has just run with it and so now I get to look forward to a wine and cheese event at Bacchus for my birthday! (And yes, I’ll be sure to post all about it!)


One of the things that will be on the menu (at least the last version I saw) is this duck breast flatbread with goat cheese and caramelized onions. I took a little nibble (Todd ordered it) and it was divine! I somehow neglected to get a picture of the personal-sized spinach and artichoke fondue I ordered that day. I think I was too hungry by then to bother!

Bacchus features a large shaded patio in the back that also joins both the main space and the event space. I attended a Chamber function there and when the Creative District improvements are complete I believe you’ll have a grand view of the amphitheater from said patio.

We adore Bacchus, we just don’t make the time for a leisurely night out that often. Of course, now they’re open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday, so there are more opportunities to stop by.


Tasting Thomasville: Downtown Bar Crawl


Thought we’d try something a little different for this installment of Tasting Thomasville, and share some video from the recent Chamber of Commerce sponsored YEP! Bar Crawl. I’m leap-frogging over quite a few other restaurant visits, but I’ll get to them all in good time.

Would it surprise you to know that I’ve never done a bar crawl before this?

But as I am a YEP! member and as we like to try new things (within reason), we decided to give it a go!

(Direct link for feed readers: YEP! Bar Crawl, August 2015)

3 Tips for surviving a bar crawl in your (late) 30s

  1. Pace yourself (You’re not as young as you once were)
  2. Eat something (alcohol on an empty stomach is a baaaaad idea)
  3. Drink some water (the more non-alcoholic hydration you do, the less chance of you making a fool of yourself in front of a very small town)

In addition to the comments I have in the video, here’s some more info on each of the day’s 5 stops:

Relish, 107A S Broad St

Used to be Relish & Dash a combo kitchen and running store (go figure). Recently, though, the owners decided to retire, sold the business, and the new owners each took their halves and open separate shops. Probably for the best, really. The front of relish is full of kitchen gadgets, cookware, and certain gourmet goods. The back is fitted with a bar area that, when not packed to the gills, is pleasant, I’m sure. We grabbed a glass of Oh, Susina (a peach and grape wine) and retreated to wander around the front because it was just. too. packed. back there. Alas, we missed most of the talk from the Historical Society.

The Billiard Academy, 121 S Broad St

We grabbed bottled of water from the bar and our chili dogs and headed to the stone tables outside. I just couldn’t take the stale smoke smell in there* so we spent very little time in there. The chili dogs really were tasty: nothing fancy, but good, reliable hot dogs on a soft white bun topped with mustard, chili, and (for Todd) onions. Some things don’t have to be complicated, you know?

Sweet Grass Dairy, 123 S Broad St


We have, of course, visited their delectable shop before on several occasions (see my Tasting Thomasville post from January) and are big fans! They recently moved down the street a bit into a new space that affords them a proper bar (but no deli counter, though the cheeses are available to purchase to take home, still, you just have to ask) and this was our first visit since then. We opted for American Innovators Cheese Board (featuring Big John’s Cajun, Psychedillic, Belle Honey Chevre, and Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar) and opted to add a meat, in this case the smoked duck. Seriously, I cannot say enough good things about that duck! It looked like thick-sliced turkey bacon, smelled like the best cookout ever, and was just so rich and good.



Todd ordered the Watermelon Margarita (which was super-tart, not what I was expecting when I took a sip) and I had a couple of Ginger Crisp martinis (Gera vodka, lemon juice, ginger liqueur, lavender bitters). I could go for one of those Crisps right about now. Or any time, really.

The Plaza Bar, 217 S Broad St


It was really dark in the bar, hence the super-grainy photo.

Between the heat and the wine and the martinis, yes, I was feeling a little sleepy by this stop, and the dim lighting in the bar certainly didn’t wake me up any. But a couple at a nearby table had ordered a platter of fried seafood and it smelled so good that we started getting hungry again, even after the cheese plate from Sweet Grass. We split a plate of fried oysters and it was just enough to satisfy any seafood cravings we had. This was a very different experience from when we wandered into The Plaza during a past Victorian Christmas and had a lackluster dinner, and I’d be willing to go back and give them another try after this more successful visit.

Bacchus Wine Bar, 229 W Jackson St


Todd and I attended a wine-tasting dinner on Valentine’s Day (that will be written up in a future Tasting Thomasville installment) and I’ve attended another YEP mixer here, but this is the first time we’ve had a chance to try the sushi that they added to the menu at the beginning of the year. We got the Bacchus Roll (tuna, avocado, cucumber, carrots, scallions, and masago topped with spicy lump crab meat) and an order of their Chicken Nachos. Now, the nachos were a bit of a puzzle to eat as they came in a square bowl with the cheesey bits on the bottom, below the chips, with the meat, etc. on top. Asking for a side plate to shift some of it might not be a bad idea. It’s pretty (and tasty), just not practical. The sushi presentation was for more normal and, for their signature roll, I was certainly happy with it.

Overall, we enjoyed the bar crawl. It provided a great setting for a fun date night, and while we were home around 9pm, we don’t feel like we short-changed ourselves for the night in any way. We had an reason to stop and try the chili dogs at the Billiard Academy, gave The Plaza another try, and got to revisit a few “old” favorites. Not a bad outing at all!

*For what it’s worth, I have A1AT deficiency, a genetic disorder that, among other things, leaves my lungs more vulnerable to the effects of secondhand smoke than the average pair and dramatically increases my risk of emphesema and COPD. I’m under doctor’s orders to avoid cigarette smoke and other inhaled irritants as much as possible, so it’s not just a personal preference.

Let’s Go for FroYo!


Oh, twist my arm why don’t you?

Since today is National Soft-Serve (Ice Cream} Day, we did the next best thing and headed out to our favorite frozen yogurt place, Yoburst. And since I found out about this via the vlog prompts from Kat at Mama’s Losin’ It, we took the video camera with us on this most recent trip.

(Direct link for the feed readers: Let’s Go For FroYo!)

We generally don’t need an excuse to head to Yoburst, though we do have to remember to head that way before 9pm (I swear they stayed open later back when we first moved up here) and give up if we get a craving on a Sunday. Gotta love the South!

I mentioned in the video about heading there after getting news of Todd’s second surgery. That was a Wednesday and it was right around 5 when we stopped by. Since we’re usually squeaking in just before they close on a Friday or Saturday night, the cashier actually remarked that we were out of our usual habit coming in so early mid-week. It was then we started to wonder just how often we ate there!  A month or so after said surgery, we saw one of the surgeon’s nurses coming in as we were going out–that’s small town life for ya!

Of course, making soft-serve (ice cream or frozen yogurt) at home is pretty simple if you’ve got any sort of ice cream maker–just dish it up straight out the machine when there’s still plenty of air beaten into it and there you go! I made a delicious Limoncello ice cream not too long ago that was hard to resist in its soft, fresh stage–the only thing that saved it was that we were expecting company and I wanted to share it more with them than have it all for myself.

Where do you fall on the ice cream vs frozen yogurt debate? And what’s your favorite flavor?

August Art Walk

Creative Business

This past Friday was the First Friday Art Walk in Thomasville, the first time members of the Artist Collective have been invited to set up tables out at Studio 209 and show their work (and sell some, if lucky). I’ve been a member of the Artist Collective here since last fall, but this was the first time I was going to be showing up as part of the group, putting myself out there and seeing what Thomasville thought of what I had to offer.

(Direct link for the feed readers: August 2015 First Friday Art Walk)

Aside from the heat and (worse) humidity, it really was a pleasant night. If the opportunity arises again I’m definitely up for it. The two pieces of jewelry I sold were a nice bump, but my biggest sale was completely out of the blue!

About midway through the evening I glanced at my email and saw that someone had ordered a Character Cocktail! Considering I hardly ever promote that service, I’m always shocked at the orders when they show up. That it happened during the middle of the Art Walk, well, that just felt like a cosmic thumbs up, an atta-girl for being willing to put myself out there a bit. And, thanks to the wonders of technology (and keeping pertinent documents in the cloud), I was able to start the ball rolling on that commission from my table rather than having to wait until I got home.

I love living in the future!

Tasting Thomasville: Andy’s and Q Cafe


If it seems like I’m dragging these tastings out, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. While we were deciding where to go for dinner last Friday night, I grabbed the phone book and the restaurant listings only take up a single page! Most of the places we’ve yet to try aren’t open for dinner, so I guess we’ll have to concentrate our efforts on weekend lunches in the future.

But that’s for later. Right now we’re winding the gustatory clock back to the end of November.


Small town radio is a wonderful thing. Morning after morning I kept hearing an ad for Andy’s and I was intrigued. Todd had never heard of the place, but they advertised having wings and that was something we hadn’t found a local source for, so I wanted to try them out.

The Friday night before Thanksgiving, after unloading and unpacking the large boxes of my grandmother’s china and silver my aunt had shipped down from New Jersey (early inheritance), we headed down Madison and, just over the overpass, was Andy’s–some place we probably wouldn’t have stumbled on, on our own, since it was outside of our usual routes. We almost didn’t make it in time to order as, even on a Friday night, they were closing at 9pm (as do many places here, we’ve found). It was nearly deserted inside, but looked clean and well-maintained, so we placed our order to-go.

Andy's Wings

Andy’s Wings

Their menu (which you can download from their Facebook page) reminds me of a Dairy Queen–ice cream, novelties, and fast food. This is not a bad thing, mind you, just an observation and a change from what I was expecting based on the one ad I’d heard (I was thinking more like a Wing Zone or Wing Stop).

Their garlic parmesan wings weren’t the best we’ve ever had, but they were certainly tasty and we’d definitely go back. I want to say the other flavor was BBQ, but looking at their current options it might have been teriyaki. The fries and onion rings were basic, reliable sides. Good for a “brown foods” night, as we like to call these sorts of noshes.

Q Cafe

The next day was jam-packed. I was co-hosting a baby shower that afternoon and tried to squeeze in a site visit to a piece of commercial property that was available on the edge of downtown. The building was in rough shape but at the moment we were considering taking it on (spoiler: we didn’t). After meeting with the realtor and taking pictures of the building, I was ready to head back home and finish getting ready for the party but Todd proposed we try out another downtown spot–who was I to turn down brunch?!

Q Cafe--the view from the entryway.

Q Cafe–the view from the entryway.

The Q Cafe is one of the spots we’d often pass on our walks downtown, but always when it was closed. It’s open for breakfast and lunch only, so this Saturday morning seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a try. It was doing pretty swift business this morning, but we didn’t have to wait too long for a table to open up (there’s a line of tables just to the right in the picture above).

Q Cafe--Little Bit of Chicken Fried loaded potato skillet

Q Cafe–Little Bit of Chicken Fried loaded potato skillet

We both ordered from their Loaded Potato Skillet selections, Todd getting the “Little Bit of Chicken Fried” while I went with the “Big Boy” (sans onions). Mine was perfectly tasty but, oh, y’all, Todd’s was amazing. I had a little bite of the chicken on top of his and it was better than a certain “Christian Chicken” chain we all know and love. Seriously, it was so good. That same chicken is available on biscuits if that’s more your speed.

Q Cafe--Big Boy loaded potato skillet

Q Cafe–Big Boy loaded potato skillet

Since we had things to do with the rest of our day we didn’t linger too long downtown. But I wouldn’t hesitate to bring friends to the Q Cafe for breakfast, brunch, or lunch.

Looks like the next Tasting will be another out-of-town one, judging by the pictures in the queue. We also spent a lot of time going back to favorites (Moonspin, George & Louie’s, and Fallin’s) before trying a few more new-to-us spots.