12 Days of Blogmas: Winter Activities

Just for Fun

Winter is subjective around here. We’ve had a few days that were approaching 80° this week and heat and humidity to boot. We’re not feeling the winter vibes so much. But just because it doesn’t feel like winter, our calendar is still full of fun doings for the winter season here in Thomasville, GA.


Downtown Christmas Parade

We almost missed it this year as it seemed so early (the Monday after Thanksgiving), and the parade units line up on our street up through our block (which meant we had to do some serious circumnavigating to even get home that night), but we hustled up to Broad Street in time to catch the second half of the parade this year. The stand-out this year was definitely the synchronized lawn mower maneuvers.

(Direct link for the feed readers: Lawnmower Maneuvers)

Golf Cart Parade in Boston, GA

I wanted to try to make this one but it just didn’t happen. The same community that puts on Witch’s Night Out hosts a parade of decked out golf carts. Hopefully we can make it to this one next year!

Victorian Christmas


Scenes from Victorian Christmas 2015, Thomasville, GA

This and the Rose Festival in April make up the two big festivals Thomasville hosts each year. For two nights there’s a big block party downtown with a living nativity, a performance stage, and vendors of food or other goodies. This year featured the World’s Largest Rocking Horse as well as stilt walkers, Santa, and horse drawn carriage rides.

Flowers Foods Driver-Through Christmas Lights Display

You may be familiar with the Flowers Foods lines that started right here in Thomasville in the early 1900s and makes breads, pastries and other yummy goodies. Walk downtown on any given day and you can partake of the heavenly smell of bread dough rising or cinnamon rolls baking. It’s amazing. Anyway! This year on the radio we heard about their annual light display that runs through New Year’s Eve. We haven’t made it yet, but I’m hoping to make some hot chocolate for two and take in the sights this weekend.

Holly Springs Subdivision Luminary Light Display

This popped up in the weekly visitor’s center email and it looks like another fun drive-through light event. It’s one night only, December 20th at 6pm, so it’ll depend on if we get back from our monthly meet-up in Tallahassee in time or not, but I want to check it out. I love the idea of a neighborhood getting together for something like this (I just hope they’re not like the one in Christmas with the Kranks!).

Of course, we’re still only a short drive from Tallahassee, and they have their own share of holiday festivities that we’ve enjoyed in the past.

Winter Festival

Usually the first weekend of December, it starts with the official turning on of the lights down Park Ave and includes multiple stages set up downtown for all sorts of performances and then a parade. Santa’s there, of course, and they usually do a great job of decorating the queuing area for Santa. For several years Lofty Pursuits has been out there making and handing out candy canes.

Dorthy B Oven Park Lights

Oven park is beautiful any time of the year but at Christmas the whole place just sparkles with lighted displays you can walk through. They even designate one night during December as Elf Night with Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves in attendance. It’s definitely one of the must-see displays in Tallahassee this time of year!

The 12 Days of Blogmas is a link-up hosted by The Coastie Couple and The Petite Mrs. Check out either of their blogs to see what everyone else has to say on today’s topic!

The 12 Days of Blogmas is a link-up hosted by The Coastie Couple and The Petite Mrs. Check out either of their blogs to see what everyone else has to say on today’s topic!

August Art Walk

Creative Business

This past Friday was the First Friday Art Walk in Thomasville, the first time members of the Artist Collective have been invited to set up tables out at Studio 209 and show their work (and sell some, if lucky). I’ve been a member of the Artist Collective here since last fall, but this was the first time I was going to be showing up as part of the group, putting myself out there and seeing what Thomasville thought of what I had to offer.

(Direct link for the feed readers: August 2015 First Friday Art Walk)

Aside from the heat and (worse) humidity, it really was a pleasant night. If the opportunity arises again I’m definitely up for it. The two pieces of jewelry I sold were a nice bump, but my biggest sale was completely out of the blue!

About midway through the evening I glanced at my email and saw that someone had ordered a Character Cocktail! Considering I hardly ever promote that service, I’m always shocked at the orders when they show up. That it happened during the middle of the Art Walk, well, that just felt like a cosmic thumbs up, an atta-girl for being willing to put myself out there a bit. And, thanks to the wonders of technology (and keeping pertinent documents in the cloud), I was able to start the ball rolling on that commission from my table rather than having to wait until I got home.

I love living in the future!

Bridal Show Tips, Part 1

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

Bridal Show icon with lights and velvet rope

A bridal show is no different, really, than any other trade show or convention you might go to for a hobby or work. There are people trying to make sales, a lot of them have brochures, some have little freebies, and many are sponsoring giveaways as a way to build their mailing list.

So far, for this time down the aisle, I’ve attended 2 shows and have 2 more on the near horizon. By the time it’s all said and done, I’m sure I’ll have attended an easy 6-10.

Why? Because there’s always something new to learn!

Here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way that will make your experience at a bridal show more effective and rewarding.

  1. If you can help it, don’t go alone.
    It helps to have a buddy for this sort of thing, be it your fiance, your mother or your maid of honor. This buddy can not only help you in practical ways (holding your tote bag while you search for that pen you picked up at the other table, giving his or her 2 cents on a vendor that you were dazzled by but they weren’t, and making sure you don’t miss something good–like cake samples) but also they are indispensable in the subtle subterfuge of avoiding certain tables.
  2. Avoid eye contact unless you want to be hailed.
    Remember, these folks are here to try and make a sale–if not today, then sometime in the next few months. They want to talk to you, impress you, and try and sign you up for their mailing list–and they’ve probably paid a hefty table fee for the privilege. You’re there for information, yes, but if there’s someone you just don’t want to talk to, don’t make eye contact. You don’t have to be rude, but you also don’t want to get cornered.
  3. Dress the part.
    I’m not saying you have to dress to the nines or even wear white! But for vendors looking to make a sale, it’s very possible you’ll get taken more seriously if you’re dressed nicely, not in a rumpled t-shirt and a pair of flip flops. Books, covers and judging all come to mind, but we’re talking the ways of the world and years of conditioning don’t wash away as easily as hair products.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes!
    With the exception of  shows held at actual wedding venues, many expos are held in convention centers and under a thin layer of carpeting (if you’re luck to have that) will be concrete. And your feet will be killing you if you table hop for 2 hours in spike heels. Just don’t do that to yourself. Comfy flats or a nice low-heel or wedge will keep you standing pretty when all the seats for the fashion show are already taken when you get there.
  5. Pre-register, if possible, for VIP entry.
    Some shows offer early entry if you pre-register, others offer an extra drink ticket or a special gift. Early entry may mean getting a chance to have a good talk with that caterer you’ve been dying to check out or a 1-on-1 with a complementary makeover before everyone else gets there.

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Learn anything new, yet?
Come back tomorrow for the rest of my tips;
there’s bound to be something to help you!

Tallahassee | Upcoming Bridal Shows

Third Time Wife, Wedding Planning

Bridal Show icon with lights and velvet rope

While on the venue hunt (more about that, later) I happened to see an announcement one venue’s website about a small Bridal Show being held–that very evening!–at My Favorite Things.

Thankfully, MFT is less that 5 minutes from my house, so I detoured on the way home from work to see what was up.

Flying solo at one of these things is never my first choice, but with barely 4 hours notice you just do what you have to do. I had a couple of very nice chats with some vendors, learned a few things I thought I knew but was wrong about, and found out about two more bridal shows this month!

So, Tallahassee, FL, (and the surrounding area) ladies, heads up:

On Sunday, February 19, 2012, the Tallahassee Garden Club is hosting the Garden Center Bride. From 1-5 pm local brides-to-be and their buddies can tour what I’m told is a beautiful and popular venue and have a chat with other locally-owned wedding vendors. Word on the street is that if you go and register you’ll be eligible for a discount if you then book your event there. The fee is $5 per person, at the door.

Tallahassee Garden Center
507 N Calhoun St

On Monday, February 27, Tallahassee Assn of Wedding Professionals is hosting a Boutique Bridal Show at Goodwood Museum and Gardens. Pre-registration grants you early, VIP access to the vendors starting at 5:30 pm. Brides pay $15–either pre-registered or at the door–while additional guests are just $5 at the door.

Goodwood Museum and Gardens
1600 Miccosukee Rd

Also, while not technically a bridal show, on Thursday, February 16, 2012, from 6 to 8 pm, department store Belk is hosting an Engagement Party . Check your local store for more info, but if you haven’t started your registry yet, this would be as good a time as any!

I guess everyone is trying to capitalize on the recent holiday engagements. Can’t say I blame them one bit!

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Know of any other Bridal Shows in the southeast? Let me know!