Let’s Go for FroYo!


Oh, twist my arm why don’t you?

Since today is National Soft-Serve (Ice Cream} Day, we did the next best thing and headed out to our favorite frozen yogurt place, Yoburst. And since I found out about this via the vlog prompts from Kat at Mama’s Losin’ It, we took the video camera with us on this most recent trip.

(Direct link for the feed readers: Let’s Go For FroYo!)

We generally don’t need an excuse to head to Yoburst, though we do have to remember to head that way before 9pm (I swear they stayed open later back when we first moved up here) and give up if we get a craving on a Sunday. Gotta love the South!

I mentioned in the video about heading there after getting news of Todd’s second surgery. That was a Wednesday and it was right around 5 when we stopped by. Since we’re usually squeaking in just before they close on a Friday or Saturday night, the cashier actually remarked that we were out of our usual habit coming in so early mid-week. It was then we started to wonder just how often we ate there!  A month or so after said surgery, we saw one of the surgeon’s nurses coming in as we were going out–that’s small town life for ya!

Of course, making soft-serve (ice cream or frozen yogurt) at home is pretty simple if you’ve got any sort of ice cream maker–just dish it up straight out the machine when there’s still plenty of air beaten into it and there you go! I made a delicious Limoncello ice cream not too long ago that was hard to resist in its soft, fresh stage–the only thing that saved it was that we were expecting company and I wanted to share it more with them than have it all for myself.

Where do you fall on the ice cream vs frozen yogurt debate? And what’s your favorite flavor?

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