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Today’s Tasting Thomasville venue has been mentioned in passing (see our YEP! Bar Crawl post and video) but now gets it’s day in the sun.

I was happy to see that there was a wine bar downtown, Bacchus, when we first moved here. And the fact that it was next door to the yarn shop seemed like a fabulous combo to me! But it wasn’t until our first Valentine’s Day as Thomasville residents that we made the time to visit. They were hosting a wine tasting dinner in the event space next door.

Valentine's Selfie!

Valentine’s Selfie!

Bacchus is located on W Jackson St, "on the bricks" as you come into town on Hwy 319.

Bacchus is located at 229 W Jackson St, “on the bricks” as you come into town on Hwy 319.


The vintage clutch I used at our wedding making a cameo in this shot–I thought it’d be fun to put it into service for a night out.

Dinner started off with bruschetta and a garden salad served at the table. We shared a table with two other couples and enjoyed chatting with them over dinner.


The main course was served buffet-style and included Beef Wellington, grilled mushrooms, seasoned potatoes, asparagus, and chicken fettuccine alfredo.



Dessert was a choice of cheesecake or warm brownie (the brownie might have been a touch underdone, but it was still rich and chocolatey, and the little chocolate arrow was a nice touch).

Our wines, the real reason for the event!

Our wines, the real reason for the event!

Paired with the courses were some very tasty wines.

  • Chamisal Unoaked Chardonnay
    This was really nice and light. I like the idea of a crisp chardonnay, but not the oaky reality of it, so an unoaked version is right up my alley. All the buttery notes with none of the barrel!
  • Bistro Pinot Noir
    Of course we enjoyed this one as we enjoyed almost any Pinot Noir. I think this was Todd’s favorite of the night and, if my searches are pulling up the same one, it’s a very wallet-friendly wine (which is always nice).
  • Broquel Malbec
    This was my favorite of the evening and I find myself, in general, enjoying the spicier notes of a good Malbec more often than the richness of a Pinot Noir these days.
  • Excelsior Cabernet Sauvignon
    I remmeber being surprised by this one, as I usually don’t care for cabernet to drink (I’ll cook with it, but it’s not what I want to sip and savor if there are other options around). This was one very enjoyable, kind of mellow–or it could well be that the three previous wines had mellowed me, your guess!
  • Brachetto Fizz 56
    A sparkling red always peaks my interest because it’s still not super common to find them. This had definite floral and berry notes (a really strong nose, if I recall correctly) but tasted much more subtle.

Overall we definitely enjoyed ourselves at this event. The only downside was that we didn’t get a chance to try their regular menu. Aw, shucks, I guess we’d just have to come back.

Twist my arm why doncha?!

We got our chance during the Downtown Bar Crawl.


I won’t repeat myself overmuch, but the sushi really was delicious. Todd’s nachos were difficult to eat due to the pretty presentation, but tasty as well. One day we’ll try the sausage nachos (they’ve been out both times we’ve been).

The nacho experience came in handy as our next visit to Bacchus was with friends on Saturday afternoon, we advised them to order a spare plate along with the nachos. I had mentioned, a few years back, that I wanted a party for my 40th and that I didn’t want to plan it myself. Well, L decided it was going to be her project and has just run with it and so now I get to look forward to a wine and cheese event at Bacchus for my birthday! (And yes, I’ll be sure to post all about it!)


One of the things that will be on the menu (at least the last version I saw) is this duck breast flatbread with goat cheese and caramelized onions. I took a little nibble (Todd ordered it) and it was divine! I somehow neglected to get a picture of the personal-sized spinach and artichoke fondue I ordered that day. I think I was too hungry by then to bother!

Bacchus features a large shaded patio in the back that also joins both the main space and the event space. I attended a Chamber function there and when the Creative District improvements are complete I believe you’ll have a grand view of the amphitheater from said patio.

We adore Bacchus, we just don’t make the time for a leisurely night out that often. Of course, now they’re open for lunch Tuesday through Saturday, so there are more opportunities to stop by.


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