Up for a Challenge? Introducing #StashCraft19

In The Studio

‘ve come to realize that I’m very bad at putting myself first. It’s something I’ve been working on, on a personal level, and now I’m addressing the creative needs.

For 2019 I applied for absolutely no design teams so that I could work on more of my own projects. BUT! One of the nice things about being on a team is the deadlines and accountability you have to the organizer. When it’s just me? That’s harder.

Enter the wonderful thing that is public accountability! I’ve created a challenge (and some supporting goals) and I’m putting it all out there in the hopes that it’ll help keep me motivated when the going gets tough.

Here, have a video of me explaining it:

But if you’re not in a place where you can watch a video, here’s the basics:

The Challenge

Create one project a week–with a video–using mostly (if not completely) materials I already own.

Goal #1: Use of the supplies I’ve hoarded over the years.

Let’s face it, my craft stash is considerable, with so many things I’ve purchased, collected, or been given over the years (decades!) with plans to use them someday. Well, someday is now! Time to blow off the dust and finally get to the projects I’ve meant to do for so very long.

Goal #2: Declutter the Abyss

Use it up, move it out, make something awesome! I’ll be able to organize as I go while using the supplies up and weeding out any items that are too old, dried up, or otherwise no longer viable.

Goal #3: Save Money by Using What I Have

Not only do I have tons of supplies to be creative with already, my budget is currently not in favor of spending a lot of supplies to fuel a year’s worth of projects. I’m aiming for 90-75% stash supplies for each project (the 75% in deference to the inevitable using-up that’ll happen by the end of the year) but many things can be accomplished strictly with the stuff I already own. Each project will include a run-down of supplies and what, if anything, I spent.

Goal #4: Make Some Money, If Possible

This is a stretch-goal, sure, but it’s not exactly unrealistic. Blog/Vlog business schtuff alert: First, creating weekly videos is bound to increase my subscriber count and watch time which will enable me to go back to monetizing my videos. Not that it’s a huge revenue source, but it’s something. Second, of the items I’ll be making as part of the challenge, some will undoubtedly be personal projects while others may be suitable for sale and will be available in my Etsy shop.

So that’s it! Every Monday, starting January 7th, I’ll post a new video of a new project created from my craft stash. All posts here, on YouTube, and on social media will be tagged with #stashcraft19 and I invite anyone who wants to join in to do so by using that same tag.

I’d love to know what you’re creative goals are for the year. Leave a comment here or on the YouTube video and grab a little public accountability for yourself!

New Year New…

The Creative Life


2016 hasn’t exactly been boffo for a lot of folks, especially certain beloved celebrities, but on a more personal note, the upheaval and my cattywumpus schedule have spelled absolute neglect and disaster for my side hustle. Thankfully, something like that can be resurrected, and the Instagram challenge pictured above is part of step one of that process.

I say part of, because it’s but one page (half-page, really) from a new project that I will be launching very soon. As in shortly after New Year, if things go well. I don’t want to say too much and shoot myself in the foot by shooting off my mouth, but if you enjoy the adult coloring book craze, then this will be something you’ll want to watch for.

So watch this space next week, and come play along with us on Instagram in the new year! It’s a great way to stretch your creative muscle and my hope is that the prompts will yield some interesting interpretations. Until then, I’ll be busy typing and drawing and designing my evenings and weekend away!


Back to the Drawing Board!

64 Arts

Okay, folks, we’re starting on the next of the 64 Arts and it’s drawing! Something I do a fair amount of every week for my comics but also just in general. Are you a doodler? Do you carry a sketch book around with you?

I’m actually bad about sketching for the sake of sketching–usually I try to make every drawing I do count towards a finished piece. After all, with 2 webcomics that updated (up until recently) a total of 5 times a week, there wasn’t much of an opportunity for idle doodles. I’ve cut back some of my update schedule but more because I’ve got more projects to spread myself around on but I’m also trying to doodle more, too. As such, I’m keeping a medium-sized sketch book in my purse for any sort of random inspiration that might strike.

I think this week might be good for some projects, don’t you? This week’s challenge is to draw something every day. Whether it’s a self-portrait, a tree, a flower or something entirely from your imagination, get out your pencils, pens, crayons, markers, chalks or whatever else you want to play with and draw something every day.

Want to play along? Post in the comments a link to your drawing a day (I’ll post mine here) and I’ll put everyone’s name in a hat at the end of the week and give away a hand-bound notebook that you can use for a journal, sketchbook or whatever you want to do with it!

Ready? Set? Draw!