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64 Arts

Okay, folks, we’re starting on the next of the 64 Arts and it’s drawing! Something I do a fair amount of every week for my comics but also just in general. Are you a doodler? Do you carry a sketch book around with you?

I’m actually bad about sketching for the sake of sketching–usually I try to make every drawing I do count towards a finished piece. After all, with 2 webcomics that updated (up until recently) a total of 5 times a week, there wasn’t much of an opportunity for idle doodles. I’ve cut back some of my update schedule but more because I’ve got more projects to spread myself around on but I’m also trying to doodle more, too. As such, I’m keeping a medium-sized sketch book in my purse for any sort of random inspiration that might strike.

I think this week might be good for some projects, don’t you? This week’s challenge is to draw something every day. Whether it’s a self-portrait, a tree, a flower or something entirely from your imagination, get out your pencils, pens, crayons, markers, chalks or whatever else you want to play with and draw something every day.

Want to play along? Post in the comments a link to your drawing a day (I’ll post mine here) and I’ll put everyone’s name in a hat at the end of the week and give away a hand-bound notebook that you can use for a journal, sketchbook or whatever you want to do with it!

Ready? Set? Draw!

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