New Year New…

The Creative Life

2016 hasn’t exactly been boffo for a lot of folks, especially certain beloved celebrities, but on a more personal note, the upheaval and my cattywumpus schedule have spelled absolute neglect and disaster for my side hustle. Thankfully, something like that can be resurrected, and the Instagram challenge pictured above is part of step one of that process.

I say part of, because it’s but one page (half-page, really) from a new project that I will be launching very soon. As in shortly after New Year, if things go well. I don’t want to say too much and shoot myself in the foot by shooting off my mouth, but if you enjoy the adult coloring book craze, then this will be something you’ll want to watch for.

So watch this space next week, and come play along with us on Instagram in the new year! It’s a great way to stretch your creative muscle and my hope is that the prompts will yield some interesting interpretations. Until then, I’ll be busy typing and drawing and designing my evenings and weekend away!