Imagine That: August Trio

In The Studio

I wish I could tell you where August went but I’m afraid it was one big blur of work-work-work. Not that I didn’t have time for some fun, gotta take your chances where you can, right?

And, of course, I was crafting for Imagine this month. I have to say, of the many reasons I love being on design/creative teams, the deadlines might be my favorite.

Yes, you heard me right! I love the deadlines.

When work or life gets hectic, it’s way too easy to put the fun stuff off, even if doing so is detrimental to our overall well-being. I need my creative outlets, and team deadlines make sure I get my crafty time in for them if nothing else.

So, what did I make for August? I’m so glad you asked!

Our first prompt was teal, a color I am quite fond of. Since I did oh-so-many cards the previous month I really wanted to branch out and do non-card things this month, so I started with an altered bottle. The Creative Medium did so incredibly well on the glass, and the Fireworks! sprays just needed a lot of time to dry to get a great shimmery tint.

Our next prompt was “mystical.” I had so many ideas for this one but I had to make a decision and this little gate (found in the fairy garden section of JoAnn Crafts) was great inspiration for a fairy gate treasure box. I started with my tried-and-true tissue paper decoupage and then stamped background details, embossed the entire gate, and added a charm and foliage to fill out the scene.

Our final challenge for the month was simple Motion. Simple, huh? I went decided complicated with this one, but my goal was to create a freestanding, three-dimensional paper sculpture that not only could move but suggested movement even when it was still. I think I managed it! Go check out the video of my flight of fancy video on the Imagine blog and see what you think.


Remember, Back in the Day…

In The Studio

When things like punches were big news? Maybe you (like I did, at least once) participated in a punchies swap, kept a “catalog” of all your different punches, and even did some awesome things with punch-art?

Or did I just really date myself there?

Oh, well, for this month’s Gauche project I dug into my (relatively small) stash of thumb punches and created a wreath element for a tag. Even though it was inspired by the passing on of someone, it’s not meant to be sad–more like reflective.

Memento Mori...

Memento Mori…

At any rate, go check out today’s post on the Gauche Alchemy blog to see more of this tag.

Creativity Shared

Everyday Adventures

We’ll tackle the next art on Thursday, but first I wanted to catch up on some projects that I’ve been working on away from the 64 Arts.

In this month’s installment of The Dirt (Gauche Alchemy’s newsletter) I shared a little bit about the faux terrarium I made out of found objects:

UpCycled Terrarium

UpCycled Terrarium

Then for the blog I made this (I think) very cool Cocktail Clutch out of an old book mailer and the Shaken Not Stirred Mixed Media Kit.


And then before that I got to play with some more outstanding Helmar Glues as part of a swap Gauche Alchemy and Helmar hosted.


The grape clusters and vines are glue applied directly to the glass and (in the case of the clusters) dusted with shimmery glitter.

And speaking of swaps, I participated in a Button Fairy swap with the good folks at Viva Las VegaStamps. This was my first introduction to the concept of Button Fairies and I put together this girly, delicate, pink & pearl fairy for swappin


I received a fun and funky button fairy in return and am contemplating make a few more just for fun.

Of course, there are plenty of other projects still waiting for their turn. Unfortuantely both the antique desk and the bedroom redo are in limbo–the desk still needs a couple coats of varnish. The bedroom, on the other hand, did get a new bedspread and throw (both from West Elm and our trip before last to Jacksonville) so the pink and grey is creeping in, but I haven’t gotten any farther than that.

Time is the answer for everything, of course, but with the wedding coming up in just 4 months (!!!) I think the bedroom might take longer to finish. I’ll stick to the shorter-term projects until then!

In what ways have you stretched your creative wings lately?



Monochromatic Mixed Media Eggs

Everyday Adventures

Say that a few times fast why doncha?!

My most recent project for Gauche Alchemy went up yesterday and I couldn’t be more tickled by it.



I meant to call them Ephemer-Eggs–for the awesome ephemera-packed mixed media color kits that Gauche Alchemy carries (psst! the store has reopened!), but it’s such a mouthful that apparently even my fingers could get it straight so I kept typing different versions, like the title Epher-Eggs! At least that version is easier to say and it still works as a combo of Jennifer and ephemera.

You can see more details of how the project came together but the funniest thing is that I started this project last year when I first got my Alchemist kit, but then I got caught up in everything going on that my poor little egg dioramas sat empty for several months. By then we were so far removed from Easter that the plastic eggs wouldn’t be around anymore, so I let it go until it was Easter again and finally finished it up a few weeks ago.



Here are some shots of the individual eggs. I really love the monkey eraser and gold “naughty” brad that came in the It’s All Gravy Baby Brown Mixed Media Kit but I was surprised that the egg I was most pleased with was the one from the Black Out Mixed Media Kit with it’s skull & crossbones charm, grey petals and black beads. Go figure!

Whether you use eggs or an old muffin tin or just pieces of paper, I can see this as great art therapy for yourself or even maybe a color exercise for kids to help with. All I know is I had great fun putting them together and highlighting each of the amazing color kits.


Obviously this isn’t our usual 64 Arts post, today: we’re switching places this week and the next stones & gems post will be this Thursday. Which is good since I need a bit more time to finish up the project for it anyway!

Happy Crafting!

Clearer of Obstacles


Recently we Gauche Alchemy girls teamed up with the awesome folks over at 100 Proof Press to make some awesome stuff with their stamps. While I have all sorts of plans for some of the other stamps I picked up at the same time, what I have to share with you now is my Ganesha Shrine.

Ages ago I read that Ganesha was the opener of doors and remover of obstacles. When I saw 100 Proof’s Ganesha stamp, I knew it would be perfect for a shrine. I was also fascinated by the shape of the Gears cluster, and wondered if I could combine the two, somehow.

First I stamped and embossed Ganesha in black, coloring him in with watercolor pencils.

Then I stamped and embossed 2 of the gears clusters in silver and fussy-cut all those little notches so the shape would stand out that much better. It’s a somewhat tedious project, but that’s never stopped me before!

The body of the shrine is actually a box from a trio of tequila samples. I painted the outside of the box with white gesso and the inside and front with brown craft paint.

After fitting patterned paper into the backs of the sections, I layered some lace in each of the outer wells, and then topped all 3 with strips of punchinella, trimmed to fit the width but a smidgen long to give the look of undulating sky.

With the backgrounds prepared, I placed a piece of wine cork in the center well so Ganesha would sit up nice and forward, while each gear was mounted on layers of foam tape (about 6 layers to get just the right middle-depth going. The candles are just for show, of course.

I love the idea of the gears pulling the rain away at Ganesha’s command.

Inspired by the bright colors and rich textures of Indian textiles,  I pieced together a “rug” for in front of the shrine from fabric and trim from the Banana Hammock and Pink Parts mixed media color kits.

To “stitch” the pieces of fabric together, I zig-zagged white fabric paint along each border and then layed in a couple of pieces of gold sequin trim. Hitting that trim with the heat gun made some of the sequins dull and curl which might sound like a bad thing but was actually kind of a happy accident.

The box itself was looking a little plain, my decision to paint it white just wasn’t holding up to the awesomeness inside, so I spritzed some strips of Ouchless Cardboard with pink and purple mists and then sprayed them with silver glitter, but that wasn’t enough!

A light touch with some more gesso, though, that brought out the ridges a bit. Once dry I glued them onto the sides of the shrine. The “roof” was prepared similarly, but I let the peak fold how it wanted, which resulted in a sloping, undulating line that I outlined (along with everything else) in gold glitter glue. Finally, some crystal butterflies, bits of an old earring, and strings of seed beads and this shrine was all done but the drying.

This was a ridiculous amount of fun!