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I wish I could tell you where August went but I’m afraid it was one big blur of work-work-work. Not that I didn’t have time for some fun, gotta take your chances where you can, right?

And, of course, I was crafting for Imagine this month. I have to say, of the many reasons I love being on design/creative teams, the deadlines might be my favorite.

Yes, you heard me right! I love the deadlines.

When work or life gets hectic, it’s way too easy to put the fun stuff off, even if doing so is detrimental to our overall well-being. I need my creative outlets, and team deadlines make sure I get my crafty time in for them if nothing else.

So, what did I make for August? I’m so glad you asked!

Our first prompt was teal, a color I am quite fond of. Since I did oh-so-many cards the previous month I really wanted to branch out and do non-card things this month, so I started with an altered bottle. The Creative Medium did so incredibly well on the glass, and the Fireworks! sprays just needed a lot of time to dry to get a great shimmery tint.

Our next prompt was “mystical.” I had so many ideas for this one but I had to make a decision and this little gate (found in the fairy garden section of JoAnn Crafts) was great inspiration for a fairy gate treasure box. I started with my tried-and-true tissue paper decoupage and then stamped background details, embossed the entire gate, and added a charm and foliage to fill out the scene.

Our final challenge for the month was simple Motion. Simple, huh? I went decided complicated with this one, but my goal was to create a freestanding, three-dimensional paper sculpture that not only could move but suggested movement even when it was still. I think I managed it! Go check out the video of my flight of fancy video on the Imagine blog and see what you think.


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