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Say that a few times fast why doncha?!

My most recent project for Gauche Alchemy went up yesterday and I couldn’t be more tickled by it.



I meant to call them Ephemer-Eggs–for the awesome ephemera-packed mixed media color kits that Gauche Alchemy carries (psst! the store has reopened!), but it’s such a mouthful that apparently even my fingers could get it straight so I kept typing different versions, like the title Epher-Eggs! At least that version is easier to say and it still works as a combo of Jennifer and ephemera.

You can see more details of how the project came together but the funniest thing is that I started this project last year when I first got my Alchemist kit, but then I got caught up in everything going on that my poor little egg dioramas sat empty for several months. By then we were so far removed from Easter that the plastic eggs wouldn’t be around anymore, so I let it go until it was Easter again and finally finished it up a few weeks ago.



Here are some shots of the individual eggs. I really love the monkey eraser and gold “naughty” brad that came in the It’s All Gravy Baby Brown Mixed Media Kit but I was surprised that the egg I was most pleased with was the one from the Black Out Mixed Media Kit with it’s skull & crossbones charm, grey petals and black beads. Go figure!

Whether you use eggs or an old muffin tin or just pieces of paper, I can see this as great art therapy for yourself or even maybe a color exercise for kids to help with. All I know is I had great fun putting them together and highlighting each of the amazing color kits.


Obviously this isn’t our usual 64 Arts post, today: we’re switching places this week and the next stones & gems post will be this Thursday. Which is good since I need a bit more time to finish up the project for it anyway!

Happy Crafting!

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