Flirting with Disaster…

Everyday Adventures

(in other words, the reason for yesterday’s non-post)

Remember way back when I decided to exercise the LMT (liesurely morning theory)? Well, after the first week of getting up early I realized I needed to get to bed a bit earlier, too. Straight forward, yes, but still, it didn’t occur to me immediately. So my bedtime has pretty much been 11pm for that last however long.

Recently, however, post-November projects have demanded a bit more time and energy and my desire to do at least one sketch a night (getting back in the drawing habit, practice makes a portfolio, etc.) have slowly edged my bedtime past its appointed 11pm, sometimes to the tune of 1am or 2am.

This way lies madness.

So it was with horror that I awoke yesterday morning to the realization that I was 45 minutes late for work and my cell phone had just stopped ringing from it’s charger in the kitchen! D’oh!

Scrambling up I stumbled to the phone, called off the watch (they were starting to worry) and plunged into my morning routine. I made it to work an hour and a half late and was teased with a variety of theories.

“I didn’t know the Riverfront was open on Wednesday night” (this from my boss, and it probably is, but I’ve only been there once, on a weekend)

“I thought it was another PMS 186 thing” (from the production supervisor, referencing this incident, PMS is pantone matching system… ink colors, not the other)

and a few other choice theories.

Apparently I should have expected my body to just give up and say, screw this, you’re getting 8 hours of sleep tonight! Oh well, I worked a little late to make up for the half hour (I almost always work through lunch anyway) and alls well that ends well. Was I a good little girl and went to bed early last night? Nope. 1am again…

Oh, well, it was worth it (it always is), I just need to exercise a smidge more discipline I suppose, at least on work nights!

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