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There is very little else that pleases me as much as finding clothes I like, that are flattering, and extremely on sale. Add to that two pairs of shoes that are also awesome, and you have my shopping expedition last night.

Company Christmas Dinner outfit? Check!

Granted, I buy clothes throughout the year as need and desire dictate, but there are two times of year that I have fun shopping for an ‘outift’: my birthday, and Christmas. Last year I found the wonderfully awesome black with pink polka dots, peeptoe and bow ‘cheesecake’ shoes which totally led me in the direction of that year’s Christmas outfit which ended up doing double duty as there was another party I went to once the business one was finished. I still love those shoes and wear them on occasion.

So this year I figured I would do the same thing: find the shoes and let them lead the way. But there was a wrinkle, of course, I found two pairs I liked equally as much but decided on the suede-like black 4″ pumps with the deathly pointed toes and large strap-like thing (it’s not really an ankle strap, it’s more like a low ankle boot with a vamp cutout? Anyway, they are awesome, so then I went in search of something to wear them with. Instead, after circling one of my favorite bargain haunts I found a tan skirt and a nice, if thin, dark brown tunic top with the embroidery and beads and such that are fairly popular yet also fairly flattering to us larger gals. So back to the shoe aisle I went to pick up the other pair I’d looked at: tan, kitten keel, very pointy toe with some vamp details and an ankle strap; demure but very cute, and just high enough not to irritate my achilles tendon. I ended up keeping the black shoes as well because, well, you just can’t have enough black pumps.

But wait, that was only stage one of the nirvana.

I had what I absolutely needed, but wanted one more shirt for another ‘thing’ coming up so I decided, on a lark, to hit Catherine’s–not a place known for its inexpense. I wander around and debate on a few things, not exactly finding what I really thought I wanted but finding something that will work well, and it’s not overly priced so we’re good. Of course, on the sale rack I did find this amazing skirt that I really lusted over: blonde suede, ankle length, with bronze rivets studding the length (more tasteful than it sounds) but it was only marked down a little bit and, well, I couldn’t justify to myself spending for one skirt what I’d just paid for 2 pairs of shoes, a skirt, and a shirt at the last store.

The saleslady at the register says, ‘well, I’d have told you to wait for tomorrow because we’re going to have a big sale then, but this shirt isn’t on sale.’

 ‘Oh, that’s all right,’ I say, appreciating the gesture anyway.

‘But we’ll be having 40% off clearance items–‘

‘Wait, 40% off clearance? Really?’

‘Yes, clearance,’ not really seeming to mind that I’d interrupted her.

‘Then I’m coming back tomorrow for that,’ I said, pointing at the soon to be much more reasonably priced skirt I was pining for.

It’s actually being held for me, pre-rung up and everything, all I have to go in and do is sign the charge slip today and take it with me. Now that, my friends, is nirvana!

And, considering how cold it’s looking to be this weekend, I might actually end up wearing it instead of the other, shorter, skirt I purchased last night. It will still go with the kitten heel pumps just fine.

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