The Coffee Pub is awesome.

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So sayeth I. lol

No, seriously, the TGIO last night for NaNo 2006 was such a wonderful night. We were a small group (nine total), but had a great time just hanging out, chatting about and around writing and such; it was great. The Coffee Pub had just opened either that day or maybe Saturday… but the more I think about it it must have been Monday. Anyway, the atmosphere was perfect, very urban without the decay lol The coffee was tasty and I had no problem getting my caramel latte soy with decaf (I could have even got it sugar free but I detest the artificial sweeteners and take my chances with the real stuff in this instance). The area they had reserved for us (with signs even, how sweet is that? Yes, I know, I’m a dork about some things) which had two tables and a very nice suede couch with extra pillows and it was just so great in there.

I had originally debated about wether or not it was feasible for me to ML again this year but now I’m really glad that I did and am looking forward to next year far more than I have previous. I do hope I can keep up with some of this year’s WriMo’s, keeping up burgeoning friendships and so forth, not abandoning them as seems to always happen as the rest of the year presses in.

Once I finally got home I finished gluing the token pieces together and got the small parts painted while corn chowder simmered on the stove. The small parts are now painted (along with the backs) and this, I think, was a stroke of genius as now, once I get home from Knit Nite tonight, I can hold them by the now-dry protrusions and paint the rest of the front and the sides of the bases with relatively little trouble. Go me! Just leaves the tagging and minor finishing to do Wednesday night then they can be totally taken off of the list.

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