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This weekend did not go exactly as planned… it was way less productive than it should have been, but oh well, no point whining about what wasn’t!

Friday night’s show at the dance studio went very well. Though I really did want to murder 3 of the 4 Temple Guards (sacrifice anyone? wait… did the Egyptians do blood sacrifices?) the girls all did fantastic jobs and the party afterwards devolved into watching the birds-eye video of the performance. As it was, I left RailRoad Square at 1am which meant by the time I got home, showered, and unwound enough to sleep it was more like 3am.

This was where the weekend plans went awry.

I had hoped to get up fairly early (for a weekend) on Saturday, work on the Yule event tokens (finish the drilling of the bases), then go into the office for 8 hours. Since I’m out of vacation time I’m working a few Saturdays to make up in advance the time I’ll be gone to New Jersey. I didn’t get up until 1. I got to work just before 2, and worked only four hours before the sniffles and such caught up with me and I went home, by way of the grocery store for juice and soup. The party I had planned to attend that night I did not. I vegged and sniffled my way through a movie, though I couldn’t tell you what I watched. I played on the computer a bit, getting the Linux SL to work, then got stuck on top of a roof somewhere. I gave up and went to bed.

Sunday had been reserved for fiddling around the house, going to a movie with Mom, then hanging out with Palmetto for a while. What really happened was I got up at 9, went to work for almost five hours, then met Mom at the movies to see Happy Feet followed by a supremely lack-luster meal at Garfields. I’m not sure if it was my stuffy nose that inhibited the foods taste, or merely the kitchen staff, but it was decidedly unsatisfying. Oh well. By the time I got home it was almost seven and I was, once again, beat, though I did manage to drill the token bases (yay for the dremel), paint the backs, and get half of the little bits glued onto the bases before the sandman came calling, insistently.

So, another week, another batch of craziness. Tonight is the NaNo TGIO party at the Coffee Pub. I think I’ll bring my knitting so I can have something to show for it, despite the general socialization factor. Tomorrow night is Knit Nite at Borders, and while one may say ‘don’t you have anything better to do?’ I say, I have three knitted gifts to finish, two of them are somewhere between 30-40% complete and one not even started. Besides the event prep (which cannot be done away from home and is, in fact, well begun), no, I do not. Knitting I shall be for the next few weeks.

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