Everyday Adventures

(i.e. Holy Cow!)

I’m on an emoticon kick right now, but it’s for a good reason: research! (Being super secret, I know, but it’s all in geeky good fun.)

Yesterday’s post was brought to you by a smidge of ennui exacerbated by watching Eternal Sunlight of the Spotless Mind the night before. Today’s post is brought to you by sheer, utter exhaustion. The dress rehearsal (for a one-hour show, mind you) took three hours last night, once we finally got started. Whee! The first half has the majority of the group numbers in it and needed the most arranging of girls, the second half is mostly solos so went so much more smoothly.

But they say, poor rehearsal good performance or some such. And while I really wish I were out there dancing with them, apparently micro-managers such as myself make really good stage managers, lol. I got home some time after ten, scarfed down dinner (see, it’s a good thing I cook enough for several days at a time), checked emails and collapsed in bed. After, of course, packing a small dop-kit of little odds and ends needed for tonight.

Serendipity struck, however, as I was looking for something else completely I came across the tear-drop lapis lazuli earrings I’d been tearing the house apart looking for two weeks ago. Wohoo! They are dangling from my earlobes today and I am quite happy for it. While at the studio I noticed a display of cuff bracelets set with cabs and lo and behold there were several with lapis cabs. I found two that I liked and bought them… They need a good polish and I suspect they were heated and reformed from bits and chips, but I’m not a snob when it comes to lapis. I do prefer deeper shades, it’s true, with some pyrite showing through, but when weighing the relatively small cost for a set of cuffs that will likely be worn with costumes more than anything, I’ll accept a slightly lower quality. She had a lot of turquoise and onyx ones, some malachite, and various other sets, but I’m still on this lapis kick. I’m considering this my reward for finishing NaNo.

Tonight is the show, it should be wonderful, and then a party afterwards.

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