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(please read that a second time and notice the qualifier behind the hyphen, y’all… I haven’t changed THAT much)

But I have changed a bit, lately, mostly in that I’m smiling a bit more, not quite as cynical, that sort of thing, and it’s due in large part to a certain someone over on the west coast.

Well, yes, I suppose I could have found someone farther away, there was always Siberia! lol But, well, what can you do? When the Universe shoves someone into your path when you weren’t even remotely looking and then you trip and tumble and find yourself talking to someone who ‘gets’ you, how can you not smile?

He calls me his muse and I’m vain enough (and honest enough) to admit that it sparks a frizzon of a thrill in my spine to be considered as such when I wasn’t even trying! (and believe me, there have been men I would have given my right arm to be considered as such…)

Of course, there is the small matter of the two thousand one hundred seventy-six miles separating us. Yeah. And I’ve never been one for long-distance things, not for long anyway, but then, in the past I was never quite so protective of my independence. I suppose that’s one way of not having anyone ‘interfere’ with your schedule.

I’ve heard of arm’s length but this is a bit ridiculous!

So I suppose we’ll just do a lot of waiting and seeing. If things continue on as they are now, come February I’ll take a few days and go out to visit him. It’s not the all-fired impulsiveness that I might otherwise be prone to, the sorts of things they make movies about, but then my impulsiveness is generally bordered in practicality.

Control Freak? Did I hear my name?

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