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Last night I formally gave up on finishing the sofa slipcover before Christmas, put those materials away, and dragged out the holiday decorations. I set up my little faux-fir (with the lights still on it from last time) and went to find the ornament tote. Um, yeah…

The studio/abyss/office/2nd-bedroom/place-I-don’t-go-very-often had trapped said tote in the farthest recesses of that room’s closet. Which would be so bad if I hadn’t absolutely stacked everything imaginable in front of and up to the back-half demarcation line of the room. Whoops!

Feeling a bit like a rock-climber operating without a line I carefully surveyed and found footholes in enough spots for me to contortion the tote out. I managed not to break my neck (obviously) in the process and even remembered to retreive a few spare decorations from one of the other totes before I turned my back to that room. Phew! But, yeah, as soon as the current craziness wears off I will definitely be straightening out that unholy mess.

Happily going along I decorate the tree while Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte discuss the ins and outs (sometimes literally) of dating in the background. Then I start to wonder where the wreath is…

Oh, right, the storage room. Holder of empty boxes ready for the next move, camping totes, tarps, and tent, and a chair I need to redo the seat on and refinish. it also holds one small box of Christmas decorations (retreived) and, lo and behold, my Teddy Bear Express! I had forgotten, seriously, that I had this silly thing.

It’s a train set, ridiculously juvenile and incredibly annoying in its movement and music, that I haven’t been able to put out for at least 3 years because of Abigail. Maybe even longer. I had so forgotten it. So I drug that box out, too.

Of course, I fizzled out after the tree and stuffed animals were set up, the wreaths hung, and a couple of stockings set to decorate a blank wall in the hall. Tonight I’ll deal with the garland and bows and set up the train when palmetto comes over. And we’ll watch a movie that has nothing to do with Christmas: The Devil Wears Prada.

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