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This was a mid-morning email to Mon Amour (yes, folks, I’ve been busy but I swear I’ll finish catching up with y’all soon!)

Good morning, lover. Might I make one small request for the future?

No. Visible. Marks.

Sigh… Had I even thought to look I might have noticed it but I didn’t and didn’t and wore a combination of a shirt with no collar and my hair up. Mom’s talking to me about something totally unrelated (a trip to the Clinique counter) and suddenly stops mid-thought and says “Is that a hickey on your neck?”

*insert mortification here*

And because I’m totally guilty of being a lecherous trollop I was unable to come up with anything coherent to say as I reached for a mirror. It went something like

“I hope not. Well, I mean, okay, it’s possibly it could be, but I hope not. Oh Christ. Yeah, it is.”

As Mom stares.

Now, upon further reflection it COULD remotely by an infinitesimal fraction of a chance be a pinch mark from my messenger bag that, because of the crutches, I do wear crossed over my neck there but no, it’s not, I know better and besides… those marks are different. But had I thought about it I could have saved myself a smidgen of embarrassment… maybe. No, she didn’t ask who was responsible for it, so I haven’t had to explain anything but dear heavens.

Anyway, just thought I’d share.

So far today is going quite well, embarrassment aside.


One thought on “Why re-write when this says just enough

  1. “No. Visible. Marks.”

    While you may be discrete your partner may not help – probably wouldn’t care if he had any visible marks either. Smack him with a frying pan. :-)! On a different note, are you going to the NYE party?

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