Cheers to the First Half (and then some)


I thought this would be a good time to recap how far we’ve come in our trek across the location-inspired liquid landscape. To that end, here’s a massive link-post for anyone wondering where we’ve been:


01: Delawarethe Delaware Log Cabin

02: PennsylvaniaThe Sweet Tooth

03: New JerseyThe Zipper Berry (non-alcoholic)

04: Georgia–the Golden Peach

05: Connecticutthe Yankee 78

06: MassachusettsRockin’ Tea Party

07: MarylandWit’s End

08: South CarolinaHospitality Suite

09: New HampshireBlackbeard’s Orchard

10: VirginiaCheerberry Cooler (non-alcoholic)

11: New YorkLittle Big Apple Dumpling

12: North CarolinaThe Glazed Doughnut

13: Rhode IslandPandora’s Glass

14: LouisianaChocolate Covered Daiquiri

15: Vermontthe Short Stack

16: Kentuckythe Mini-Mammoth

17: Tennessee‘Nanner Puddin’

18: Ohiothe Buck Shot

19: Indianathe Quick Shot

20: Mississippithe Muddy Magnolia

21: Illinoisthe Purple Popcorn Eater

22: Alabama–East Avenue South

23: MaineBitter Berry

24: MissouriMeet Me at the Fair

25: ArkansasGranny’s Baked Apples (non-alcoholic)

26: MichiganTalk to the Hand

27: FloridaLiquid Sunshine


That’s the sippers so far! Do you have a favorite among the first half (and then some) of our tour of the states? A state you’re looking forward to, to see what comes up?

I admit, the Glazed Doughnut is still my favorite–both for the taste as well as my small, personal triumph in figuring out the how-to. Creative problem solving at it’s best, you know?

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