50 Shots of America–Vermont

Chef JennaBear, Vermont Teddy Bear Co

Chef JennaBear, Vermont Teddy Bear Co

So, what do you think of when you think Vermont?

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream?

Vermont Teddy Bear Company?

Vermont Maple Syrup?

Or all of the above?

Vermont is the 14th state of the US, the first added to the Union after the original 13 ratified the Constitution. Original fought over by the French and British, the Treaty of Paris settled that issue with government going to Britain only to have the colonies of New York and New Hampshire arguing over certain land grants. This angered certain townsfolk and they basically said, forget this, we’re our own nation. And so they stayed until 1791 when they were accepted into the Union.

Since then they’ve carved out their place in the US economy as the top maple syrup producer, the home of the companies mentioned above as well as IBM and King Arthur Flower, and a leading manufacturer of specialty foods. They also happen to rank first in the country for the number of craft breweries per capita.

Another interesting tidbit? If you happen to be traveling through to to Vermont and plan to purchase alcohol you might have a bit of trouble. See, only those with Vermont licenses or a special Liquor ID can purchase bottles of alcohol! You can still order a drink at a bar, but no package store will sell to you without it!

On to the Drink! I knew I had to do something with the maple syrup, I just didn’t know which direction. Add in the craft beer market and the dairy industry and, tada!

The Short Stack

1 oz Honey Wheat Pale Ale
1/4 oz Butterscotch Schnapps
1/4 oz Maple Syrup

Combine all ingredients over ice and shake like your shushing down one of the many ski slopes in the Green Mountain State. Strain into a cordial glass.

This drink tastes remarkably like a short stack of buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup, only without all that pesky cooking or chewing.

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