Winding Down…

Everyday Adventures

from the Harvest Event.

Okay, the unthinkable happened…I had almost a complete entry (a LONG complete entry) written about Harvest. Then I accidentaly closed the window. And lost the entry. DRAT! So I will now summarize the events to be elaborated on in another post, when I’m not so tired.

Pas de Armes: I’m a bad heavy weapons spectator. It’s difficult for me to follow who’s doing what and what just happened so I’m easily distracted by the other ladies of the gallery. Still, it was quite entertaining.

Spinning class: No, not the bicycle one. I suck at spinning.

Tavern Brawl: I really prefer the light weapons lyst for the slower pace and ease of not only following who is on the field but also what blow did what. Gotta love the taunting of the turkey legs.

Court: Brief. Lady Isabella’s fealty oath was poignant at the changing of the Herald, so much so that I felt myself go a little misty-eyed. This is what the pomp and pageantry is really all about.

Feast: Huzzah Earnwulf! Very good feast, excellent amount of courses, well prepared, and just all around great.

Dancing: Yay for people willingly dancing! Wish we could have done Gracca Amoroso but there wasn’t time before Wicker Man and all.

Wicker Man: Fire Marshalls Simon and Seamus did an excellent job of building the Wicker Man and yes, the Baldar head went out in a suitable blaze of glory. Many pictures were taken of the conflagration, and will be posted sometime soon.

Overall: It was good to see some people I met at 20th year, better to talk to them and make some new friends, solidify some current ones, and just learn peoples faces and names more. It was a small event–57 people–but the intimacy of it made it a very relaxed event and very friendly.

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