So, I really love the SCA…

Everyday Adventures

Seriously…I have the best time when I’m around this group of strange, funny people, so much that business meetings, etc. are something to look forward to. Tonight was yet another case in point. And now we have an event this weekend, and another in two weeks, and another a month from that, and a month from that. Yay!!!

Looks like I’ll miss the demo on the 4th, though: bellydance class is moving to 7:15 and that’s cutting it just too short. Sigh…but there will undoubtedly be others. The upshot to the time change, however, is that I believe there is an intermediate class right after the beginning on Tuesdays and I might try double-teaming it this month since I’ll already be there and all.

But back to the SCA. I’ve been told by several people I’ve met at events that I am really lucky to have Oldenfeld as my home Barony and I am quite in agreement. Even though there is some obvious groupings, there’s still a lot of cross-over and when pieces of different groups are all together a good time can still be had by all. Seriously a plus for the newbies who hardly know where to look first.

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