Everyday Adventures

She whines then runs away. Not stellar on my part. But anyway.

Last night’s bellydance class was fun. Finally have the cane dance down, just need to polish it. Going to be dancing with the group for First Friday next week! Wohoo! (or really scary, depending on my mood!) Next week starts the next piece of choreography, Mach Mach (the scarf dance with hips from hell lol). Julianna asked me about helping her with the mural she wants to put on the studio wall. Her plans are really cool and it’ll be a fun project to help on when she’s ready to start.

Then things started to slip. I had trouble getting to sleep because of a tickle in my throat, got past that and then woke up a bit late and feeling none to good. I made myself go to work because a) I had invoices that needed to go to a client for their end of year, b) the mail still needed opening from yesterday, and c) I really didn’t want to resort to sick-time this month. Yeah, that lasted less than two hours. I completed ‘a’ and ‘b’ and gave up…my head was pounding from different directions, my throat was aching and I just felt horrid. Bleh. Went home and went to bed, slept on and off until about 8:3o.

Tomorrow marks an historic occasion: The last payroll I will process in house. Yup, that’s right, starting next week we’re making the gigantic leap to using a payroll service. I’ll still be processing the information in as much as figuring times, etc. but then I’ll call it in or whatever and be done. AND…we’re offering direct deposit now. Wohoo! It will be a time of transition, of course, but this now opens the door to making some other changes that are needed, in the name of progress and so forth. Next week we’ll be viewing a presentation on a new program that might fit our needs, and if so, I get to travel for training…all the way up to Massachussetts! This means I’d have to fly! On a plane! Eek! But hey, as long as it doesn’t conflict with an event I’m game lol

And now? Bedtime for Bonza-Jen!

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