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Just a tad.

See, the bellydance class got moved up an hour, and then an Intermediate class was scheduled to follow it, so I said…since I’m already here… Yeah, I took two dance classes back to back. I may very well need traction in the morning, but it was so. much. fun.

The thing about it is that no matter how tired, brain dead and blah I am at work when I get to the studio I’m all energy. I mean totally bring-on-the-torture, I-can-do-anything mode. Well, everything except shimmy,’

Seriously, I think my shimmy is broken or something. I can sort of do a shoulder shimmy (though I think I’m faking it a bit) but the hip shimmies are just beyond me. I feel incredibly out of balance when I try them and I think I’m leaning too far forward, so I need to work on that.

Friday night is the First Friday Gallery Hop and I will be dancing the cane dance with whomever else is there. Oh god…I hope someone else is there to dance it with me. There has to be. Oh dear. That’s something I hadn’t considered before. Of course there will be, I’m just being very silly all of a sudden.

And since I’ve paid for the unlimited classes this month, I think I’ll go to the zills class on the Thursdays I don’t have a meeting. Oh, and there’s a beledi costume class at the end of the month. I swear, google obsessive and a link to my pages should be pretty near the top!

But before then, tomorrow will be the first outsourced payroll run. Theorhetically this should *save* me time in the long run, but for a few weeks probably its going to be just as tedious learning the ins and outs of the service. Then the insurance guy is supposed to come it around 11 and then there’s a conference call/demo of yet another prospective accounting, etc. system at 1:30. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. Sigh…

One thought on “A little bit masochistic

  1. You have no energy at work ‘cuz you aren’t excited and looking forward to being there. As if you needed to be told. 🙂

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