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And I need to, like, make up for some days, so I’ll be hopping back and forth a bit.

Last week was kind of an odd, crazy week. How does this differ from any other week? Only by degrees I assure you, but they were important degrees.

First off, I’ve been having a streak of positive monetary luck. And that’s not to say I was having horrible financial luck before then, it was just more neutral. And its a little weird, really, how things have been going. First there was the car. Not to rehash the story, but I got *way* more than I really expected to for the Prism. On top of that, when I got the reimbursement amount for the rental car I found out they had gone ahead and reimbursed me for the insurance I’d taken out on it as well. Then, still with the car here, I get the refund for the difference in the flat fee they allow for the tag transfer, etc. and of the $100 the refund was $62!

But really, the icing on the cake has nothing to do with the car: one day last week I get home to find a note on my door. Oh great, I thought, I know the rent check cleared so what on earth is this? Turns out I won some sort of “rent race” and am getting $150 off my November rent! Wow! (and okay, it has a little to do with the car lol, since now I won’t really feel the “hit” of the first car payment this month since the rent reduction this month almost takes care of the car)

So it got me thinking. This was all well and great, but it made me nervous. There were two options really, either I was being prepared for some great disaster to befall me and therefore I should be very very cautious, or that this was a karmic upswing to make up for all the crud I’ve had to deal with over the last several months. Mom seems to bet on the latter, but I’m still trying to be a little careful just in case.

So that was part of last week. As for this week: I found boots! Black ones, stretch microfiber with patent leather details, pointed toes and skinny little 2″ heels. I’m in love and they were on clearance!

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  1. Oh, shoes. I love shoes. I can’t wear heels (stupid weak ankles), but I still love shoe shopping–especially when there’s a selection in my size. It can be really hard to find cute shoes in a 11.

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