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and we’re stopping ’cause we just ran into a brick wall!

So, more back-tracking from last week, and this time it’s work related. So, if you’ve read far enough back (say maybe two months or so) you know about the computer program that *is* my work life taking that proverbial handbasket trip via the scenic route. Well, wonder of wonders we found a successor program and (are you ready for this) have sent in the deposit and signed a contract and p.o. Wohoo! Much dancing and rejoicing in those few precious moments of relief at the thought of progress.

And then it gets hinky. See, Adam was wanting us to go for training next week so we could be well on our way and have two full months to acclimate to the system before we go live. But before they would commit to a training schedule there are all these other hoops to jump through first so we’ve been waiting since the end of last week and are still waiting for some sort of real answer. Today’s conference call actually had them wanting us to wait until DECEMBER to go for training. Um, no. And again I say, no. Granted, one of the reasons we chose this program is that it seems fairly straight-forward and accessible, and since neither Adam nor I are in any wayt idiots, we could probably figure out the basics on our own…but we need more that a couple of weeks to be ready to use it as our sole system.

Oh well, there will be yet another conference call tomorrow, with the accounting software guru (just before she goes on vacation for a week…wanna place bets on whether I can get a straight answer on earlier dates?) and maybe then we can work something out. Frankly, traveling (oh, yes, did I mention I get to take my first airplane ride ever for this?) in December to Massachusetts is not on my ideal list. As much as I would like to see snow in person, I don’t want to risk being stuck in or out of an airport because of it nor having to deal with it on the drive from Boston to Plymouth. And do I even need to say that I’m not made for such cold weather?

Travelling in November wouldn’t even be ideal since I’ve got the normal stuff plus NaNoWriMo. And if we went on their standard training schedule I’d be booking it to get back from Martinmas Moot in time to catch my flight. And then there would still be the 46 degree temps to deal with. At least October (if we can somehow finagle an end-of-the-month trip) the temp is in the mid-sixties. Still cold, cold enough to justify buying a new coat, but doable.

And in other news: The new boots rock! I wore them all day and found them to be very comfortable and majorly kick-ass in the looks department. I need more black-compatible skirts now to show them off!

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