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I once thought that would make a good name for my pastry shop, if I ever got around to opening one. But that’s neither here nor there. I’m merely alluding to the fact that I just finished my portion of the dessert levy for Panhandle: 12 apricot tarts (the filling was yummy before it was baked, I think I’ll have to keep that recipe around) and a large platter-full of Koponlazoutos (yeah, like I really know how to pronounce that!) which are layered pastries of phyllo dough, almonds, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds and quite tasty! (there were a couple of pieces left after filling the tray!). Plus I have Lady Isabella’s Cinnamon Bread Pudding and sauce in the fridge to transport tomorrow as well.

Switching gears a bit now.

So, let’s see, yesterday we had the other conference call to determine what was going to be done how. Yes, folks, I may just get my first glimpse of snow since now we’re going to Massachusetts in early December. Just in time for me to be absolutely frozen during the training ‘mission’ and exhausted for Yule. This also means I’ll need to start baking the cheesecakes for Yule Feast a bit earlier than originally envisioned, but that’s okay. I can capitalize on the Thansgiving holiday and the following weekend and have them all complete before I leave. Of course I’m also on orders to make Mom a cheesecake since it’s been sooooo very long since I’ve done any. Maybe that will be this years 3rd T’giving dessert.

Yesterday was also the first night of the Summoning Isis rehearsals. It is just SO COOL right now, and we’ve only learned the first little bit. Lots of silliness abounded as we worked out the opening sequence, but everyone seems excited about it. I just hope everything works out to actually preform it at some point; some issue with the insurance and max.people, etc. And yes, that’s 3 dance classes, one zills class, and one costuming workshop I’m taking this month at Chandra’s . I *am* a glutton for punishment, but at least my vices are getting me out of the house and active!

Tomorrow (well, okay, later today) is Panhandle Skirmishes and I’m really wondering how many people are going to make the trip? I mean, we were told to plan desserts for 200 (which we have supposedly far exceeded), and since ‘feast’ is free for this event, its presumable that everyone would attend, but will 200 people really travel with gas prices, etc. being what they are? We shall see. I hope, for the sake of the organizers, that it’s a good turnout. I’m wearing my red Shinrone again…I don’t know if I’m more drawn to the color or the fact that it’s linen, but regardless it is becoming my favorite garb so far. And tomorrow’s not even supposed to be very hot!

I sleep now.

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