Egad…this sounds bad, but if you keep reading it’s actually correct

Everyday Adventures

(for better or ill)

The Battleaxe
Deliberate Brutal Love Master (DBLMf)

Sharp. Hardened. Dominating. The Battleaxe sweeps all before her, smiting and what not.

You’ve had a number of serious relationships, so you obviously have many attractive qualities. You’re well experienced in dealing with other people’s weirdnesses, and it’s likely you’re good in bed by now, too. Also, like the drunken housewife chucking Heinekens at her no-good husband, you’ve got a lot of energy.

People can tell you’re sophisticated, and so you find yourself the object of infatuations quite often. But it’s how you handle yourself in your relationships that gets you the ‘brutal’ tag. Controlling? Imperious? Overbearing? Yes, please.

Your exact opposite:
The Nurse

Random Gentle Sex Dreamer

Remarkably, you don’t mind the same from your men. You’ve experienced enough to take whatever you dish out. Overall, you’re a very good person and a capable lover, and when the time comes you’ll make a fine divorcee.


CONSIDER: The False Messiah, someone just like you.

Link: The 32-Type Dating Test by OkCupid – Free Online Dating.

I like the smiting lol, and everything is pretty mcuh true. Yup. Right down to the last line. I only wish that the test-creators had a link to read all the other profiles ’cause I sort of wonder what they mean by the False Messiah.

In other news, Panhandle was great. Met some new people (and really talked with them, not just a hi, how-are-ya), got a little scribal stuff done, and did lots of dancing after feast. It was a slow, simple day and I liked it that way. Also, the desserts turned out fabulous! I will be making the apricot one again sometime, and maybe the phyllo one too (but with much more honey syrup). I’m really looking forward to Martinmas Moot but I’m also glad that it’s a month away–it will give me a chance to get everything back under control (I sorta let my school work slip a tad these past two weeks, though it’s as much because of bellydance classes as SCA stuff…just maximum overload really) and maybe get some projects finsihed (and started for that matter!).

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