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To bring you a semblance of a blog entry.

So. freaking. tired.

Not right this second, of course, right this second I’m just merely sleepy and about to go to bed, but this week in general I’ve so over-committed myself it’s insane. I’m insane. But you know I’m loving it!

Tonight was the first night I didn’t have to be somewhere or be doing something. Even Wednesday night I was at least *supposed* to be at zills class, but I worked a smidge late and just gave up. But even then I calligled for a couple hours to get something done. So tonight I mostly vegged with pizza and beer, a smidge of chocolate frosting (my apathy of chocolate seems to be abating…yay), and the Goonies on abcfamily. So awesome. I haven’t seen that movie in ages, probably won’t want to see it for another 10 years, but tonight it was good.

Tomorrow I have a costume class at Chandra’s that will hopefully be accessible since her studio is very near FAMU and its homecoming weekend. Oops. Oh well, life goes on and bedleh bra and belt will be made. Yay for fabric stuff!

Work is. I spent almost 16 hours this week revamping our Chart of Accounts and am now waiting on the CPA to approve my jigsaw-puzzle of a restructure. Then I get to send it off to the software people to be checked over to see that it matches their requirements sometime early next week and then start on the customer files in addition to my other work. The good news is that progress is occurring, and we’re probably going for training in November again, not December. I suppose my MC for my NaNovel will just have to take a business trip as well lol

I go to bed now.

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