Why start now?

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As in: Well, I’ve pretty much slacked this entire week, why start being productive now?

Not that the week has been a total loss, mind you, but I really haven’t been very goal oriented. How very unlike me. Basically, I was forced with the decision to cook or not last night and that’s when I decided it bore only ill to actually start being productive so late in the week. So I ordered in. And that was the most I used my computer last night 😛

Instead I watched the rest of Friends Season 1 and then Princess Diaries 2 (ah, the old favorites) and sketched on the couch. The takeout decided to not be the best idea I’ve ever had, but oh well… I knew it was a possibility. Tonight I envision more of the same: vegging in front of movies with my sketchbook though I may start scanning in some of the completed work so that I can start fiddling with the colors in PSE. Progress, even during a mostly non-productive week, is a scary thing some times.

Brief update because I’m running late today!

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