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I have to say that as much as I mentally fought off doing anything of substance last week, avoided cooking like the plague, and totally ignored the plans to workout, getting back into the groove of things last night by cooking dinner and prepping my breakfast and lunch for today and all felt really good. I think every now and again I need that sort of break, but the routine really is comforting.

Which means tonight will be another night of staring at iWeb. I found some links I missed on the original transfer and I need to redo the first side navigation menu and create the second one. Then I think it will be at a good point to upload another copy to the test server so the officers can see what I’ve done and add their contributions where necessary. Once I get that in place it will be time to go off-book as it were and start doing some of the code-tweaks and formatting things iWeb won’t let me do on my own. Probably in another two weeks I guess.

Not that I was having a ton of luck with computers this weekend. Yesterday my mouse was giving me fits so I figured it needed resyncing (being wireless and all, it’s a logical thing, just like recentering the pad on the laptop, it needs to be done every now and again). Well, that was probably the worst idea I ever had since it effectively killed the mouse. Yeah. Um, how in the world am I supposed to do ANYTHING without a mouse. Yes, I love keystroke commands as much (or more) as the next person, but really? A mouse is necessary. Thankfully I have my graphics tablet with its pen and mouse so I was able to hook that up, navigate around to the Kensington site and refresh my memory about the resyncing. Even after that it only worked about half-way: the buttons worked, and the scroll-wheel scrolled the page, but moving the mouse did /not/ move the pointer. Problem? I ended up sending a tech support email just before I had to leave and when I got home there was an email offering me a replacement. Kudos to Kensington for being on that ball. Stuff happens and I can work around it, and soon I’ll have replacement bits.

But in the mean time I had to go do tech-support for my little brother’s computer. I am a firm believer that when I am able to give tech support, the world is truly close to its end. Took about an hour of fiddling and then I tried my failsafe: uninstall Norton firewall and, lookie there: all fixed. That’s twice, folks, twice that Norton firewall has taken over someone’s computer even when it wasn’t activated! Norton is evil, pact with the devil evil. Which might be why the world is still standing: if I defeated someone with a pact with the devil, then the four horseman, it would follow, are stalled, not called into action. Glad to know I didn’t bring about the end of life as we know it after all.

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