The allergy meds only work when you take them.

Everyday Adventures

Just in case anyone else forgot that little bit of information. Still, Wednesday wasn’t all bad, it was just slightly painful. Today I remember the little faux orange-flavored disolvey-tab so I should be good to go for the next 24 hours.

Other than that? Well, honestly: I got nothin.

I mean, I could ramble on about how I finally started rewriting WT into a more script-like format. Or I could wax on about finally blue-pencilling installment four of RA. But I really don’t feel all that chatty right now.

I did make a concerted effort to get back to drinking water every day. I used to be really good at remembering but the past few weeks I’ve let it slide and have been existing in a pseudo-hydrated state for most of the time. But that shall change. Water it is, once again. I need to get back to keeping refilled bottles in the fridge, though, so it’s cold and ready when I get home. Bottles are also easier to tote around the apartment and are less prone to spillage.

ANTM provided lovely entertainment last night. What does it say about me that I really want the two girls who are probably among the most talented of the 8 or so remaining contestants to be eliminated quickly? They are gorgeous and take awesome pictures, but they just have the most horrible attitudes! It’s one thing to be confident but it’s another thing totally to be a bitch to everyone; much less a two-faced bitch. I would love to see someone like Jael win, though who knows if it will really happen. Whitney would be a good winner, too (go plus-size models!!!), so far she seems relatively gracious even around people that are just too whatever with themselves.

Finally I seem to have a Wednesday tv schedule (post ANTM). Which is good, because Wednesday’s are one of the nights where it works very well to sit on the couch with various projects that only take a portion of my attention span. Crossing Jordan I used to watch when it first came out but lost track of it for a few years, then I could never remember when it was on. Of course, I watch it last night and wtf? Are they trying to make this the last season? Brain tumor on the character the show is named after? Not a good sign. And Medium, something always seemed to conflict with it, so I was glad to see it in an unused (by me) timeslot.

Okay, so maybe I did have something. Honestly, though? I think all that rambling is a whole lot of nothing. I’ll try to be witty tomorrow.

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