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Almost forgot to post! The horror!

And speaking of horror: I watched Skeleton Key tonight. First off, it’s not so much horror as suspense and second off, it was more interesting than suspenseful. It was a smidge predictable but since I love just about anything having to do with Louisianna and its culture, even the dark bits, I was totally enthralled. Makes me want to research stuff. Also makes me want to visit NOLA again. Still, I’m glad I watched it while it was still daylight out… we don’t want to tempt my imagination any more than it already is now do we?

Anyway, while watching that and the finally-not-rerun Gilmore Girls and House I worked on a bit of knitting (because if it’s Tuesday I must be knitting). I actually got one little footie done! While the bind off could have been a smidge looser, I actually don’t think it will be a problem since I needed the edge to be snug anyway. I will loosen it up on the mate, though. Yay for progress. Especially since my bead knitting was being problematic on Sunday: I must have knit that idea 5 different ways before I tried crochet instead and while each method had it’s merits, they also had their flaws. Still, I now know what I’m up against and I think I may go back to the original idea and just finagle some way to make the binding off work.

Well, I took some heavy-duty cough syrup a little bit ago (before practicing the harp again… I almost have ‘When Irish Eyes are Smiling’ error free on the lead hand, woot!) and the codiene is starting to kick in. Nitey-night friends!

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