Anti-Procrastination Wednesday

Everyday Adventures

In FLYLady world (an organizational system that I sporadically follow) Wednesdays are always Anti-Procrastination days. Since I am one among many Queens of Procrastination, sometimes this reminder turns out to be a very good thing.

So, tonight I registered for the domain for RA which will launch on May 1, blocked the gauntlets that I finished knitting ages ago, gave my Cabbage Patch Kid a sponge-bath in preparation for our trip to Babyland General this weekend, painted RA #1, and did some updates of the softwares on this website. Not bad for a few hours, no?

What I’m really jazzed about is WordPress finally managed to integrate the html toolbar to work with Safari, now I can insert links and basic code without having to do it myself (which I haven’t bothered with in ages because of the hassle). Now I have a nice little row of formatting buttons above the box I’m typing into. Yay for updates!

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