Ripped and Ready!

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My iPod that is. Among other things over the last couple of days I’ve been ripping songs to my iPod Nano and creating snazzy playlists. You see, tomorrow marks the first road trip since the acquisition of the iPod and it will be an experience in not travelling with a stack of CDs to fumble with. Both palmie and I are bringing our respective MP3 players so we can switch off dj-duties 🙂

Other than that, my suitcase is packed (just waiting on hair and makeup in the morning), props for the weekend are ready, and documents! Crap! Need to find my current insurance card. (Later…) Found the declaration page from when I changed to the Ion2 but no cards. I was able to log on to Progressive online and print out a temp card. Sheesh. You’d think I’d get better since I go through this EVERY. FREAKING. CAR TRIP.

Okay, Now I really am ready. Just need sleep now!

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