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That’s about all I can say at this point. Palmie and I had such a WONDERFUL time with berylq this weekend. So much fun, so many stories, so much shopping.

So. very. tired.

Seriously: busiest weekend I’ve had in ages. I’m glad to be home and, y’all, I must be growing up because (totally despite the fact that I wore a pink and white beaded tiara from Friday after work until I got home Sunday) I actually unpacked my suitcase withing 30 minutes of getting home. Y’all, this is unheard of. I am the queen of living out of the suitcase until everything has been used or dealt with, sometimes for a week! But no, everything is put away and done.

Well, almost everything. I do need to deal with all of my IKEA purchases but that will happen tomorrow night.

2 thoughts on “Survived!

  1. Yeah, my crap is still strewn all over my couch. I need to go out there and get my suitcase to grab my pajamas, but that would require moving. 😀

  2. I had a great time too. Come back anytime. We’ll have to more cadet oogoling and more margaritas, although talking to students while drunk is a bit scary.

    I thought the tiara was cute. :-)!

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