I have furniture!

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And I put it together all by myself.

I officially <3 IKEA.

So… well, where to begin about the road trip. First of all, there’s nothing like driving through downtown Atlanta at 10:30 at night. Traffic was still visible, but those beautiful buildings shining in the night were worth the hassle. Of course, Palmie was most happy to see the Marriott and was really wishing it was already August. Keep in mind that as we drive through Atlanta we’re listening to Tenacious D… it was a rather surreal experience.

Saturday started early after maybe five hours of sleep (it was very much like a slumber party) with breakfast at a spot of ‘local color’ followed by the drive to Cleveland, GA to indulge our inner 5-year-olds at Babyland General. We all agreed that being there as adults was much better than if we had gone as children. The bad jokes and puns were just way too funny to have flown over our younger heads. After that we headed to Helen, GA for lunch at the Troll Tavern (you must try the Helen of Troll frozen cocktail) then strolling through the shops. We ended our travels back in Dahlonega at Consolodated Gold Mines where we panned for gold, took a tour of the mine, and grubbed for gems. It was fun in a kitschy kind of way, but I don’t think we’ll need to do that particular stop again.

Part 2 we’ll save for tomorrow I think.

2 thoughts on “I have furniture!

  1. Funny that you should mention IKEA. I have thier catalog sitting in my living room as we “speak” just waiting for me to order from 🙂

  2. “It was fun in a kitschy kind of way, but I don’t think we’ll need to do that particular stop again.”
    I think the irritating kid ruined it for ya’ll.

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