From the “I Can’t Even Make This Up” file…

Everyday Adventures

So, last week I was working my way through a mountain of invoicing at work when I came up a curious description for a postcard: Hummer Happening.

Yes, folks, we printed 750 postcards advertising that somewhere in the Greater Tallahassee area there was going to be a Hummer Happening from 10am-4pm this past Saturday. Four hours of Hummer Happening, including a plantation tour, off road experience, inflatible castle, and catered lunch. I think I was most disturbed by the bouncy house, personally.

Of course, this was for a Hummer dealership (cars, if you’re still scratching your head out there) but still, I’m thinking that whomever titled this event gets kudos for the fun alliteration but failed to run this by your average American teenager (or elementary school class, the way things are these days) to test for the snigger-factor. I know that sex is a generally accepted way to market cars but this really takes the cake!

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