Not a bad way to wake up…

Everyday Adventures

(No, not from that… please, I’m not that lucky, lol)

Sundays are always awesome to wake up on because the station the alarm is set to does not play best-of shows of the week-day morning show like on Saturday. Instead it’s awesome music. The first song I remember this morning was the Beastie Boys “No Sleep ’til Brooklyn”, followed some time later by the new Hinder (“Better than Me”) which I am totally in love with. Then, as the fog lifted from my head and the sleepy remnants of a dream faded they kicked in with R.E.M’s “It’ the End of the World as We Know It” which made me smile such a big smile. By the time the next song was on (Rancid’s “Time Bomb”, such fun) I had risen, made the bed while dancing around in my fuzzy slippers and stuck my head in the living room to see if palmie was up yet.

That really was a great way to wake up.

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