One of these days…

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I will learn to practice moderation.

No, no, I didn’t go out and get drunk or blow the rent on shoes or anything frivolous like that. I just get carried away when I entertain, esepcially when there is a theme involved. And this weekend in the Torchwood Marathon with palmie and she actually requested the theme of suggestive food. Which has been great fun let me tell you!

But I always do this: go overboard. Which is great for my guest(s) as then s/he(they) have plenty of selections to choose from and the food and drinks never run out. And it’s not like I damage myself financially, I just tend to not be able to reign mysef in when I’m in the produce aisle or the specialty foods shop. And World Market, with their imports section, is just way too tempting.

So, one of these days I’ll get a grip on entertaining in moderation, until then, it’s back to the kitchen to play with my food!

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