I’ve lost my mind…

Everyday Adventures

And my John Denver CDs. Frankly, I miss the CDs more.

Or, well, that was how I was for most of the day.

Some friends have opined that my mind is a strange and scary place to be some days. After the dream I had last night I’ll readily agree. The thing is, it wasn’t scary, or stupid, or even surreal: it was sweet. Y’all, my subconscious is teaming up with my conscious and pestering whatever passes for logic in my life. I can’t get someone out of my head, even though there’s really no reason (other than idle curiosity, okay, maybe not completely idle, whatever!) for him to be there. And those two against little ‘ol me is just plain distracting!

But this evening when I got home I began the search for the other missing link: my John Denver the Wildlife Concert CDs. I really wanted to listen to them today at work but all I could find was the case this morning on my way out the door. So not only am I looking for a favorite CD, I’m looking for two favorite CDs and they are naked. Which, honestly, is not all that surprising since in pre-iPod days I kept a small cd wallet in my car with various discs that I would change out periodically for when the radio got on my nerves or I wanted to sing along to a particular song.

When I got home, though, I checked all of the naked stacks that I could find and the discs were no where to be found. Y’all, I only have 1000 square feet to lose something in, and since the bathroom and kitchen are pretty safe from such searches maybe we’re talking 950? And while things may be cluttered, I can usually find anything in short order thanks to my own sense of creative organization. It’s actually when I clean that things actually go missing.

Do you know where they were?

I finally found them in (of all places) the CD drawer thingie in my bedroom. Why did I not look there before? Dude, do you know how long its been since I’ve taken anything out of it much less put something back in there? I do: August. Not only that, it’s camoflaged! The organizer thing sits on this shelf in my bedroom which is one of those snap-apart plastic jobs that are excellent and great to move and stackable and great but ugly as sin. So one day after I’d done the supreme stupidity that was rearrange my entire bedroom I decided it needed a slipcover and I made one right then (hey, whaddya know, a finished project!). It worked so well that I frequently forget (as I did today) that there are things on the hidden shelves.

At least I found one thing. Maybe I stapled my brain to the passport application by mistake yesterday?

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