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…STAYS in Munchkin

heh heh heh

I had such the good time this weekend! Saturday was yet another SCA party and I’ve come to realize that I’ll never know exactly what to expect with these…except rain, that is pretty much a given I think.

So, anyway, Munchkin? Totally fun cardgame that makes fun of D&D and other RPGs. I suppose it makes a difference who is playing, and we had about 10 or so people (It was the regular game plus two expansion packs apparently) with three of us (of which I was one) who had never played before. After the first go round I/we mostly had a good idea of what was going on. Lots of very horrible puns and, let me just say, that the sex change card came with house rules that whomever gets the sex-change card must do everything they can to emulate the opposite sex. There were cups and pointy dice used. Yes there are pictures, no they will not be shown lol

Next time, I’m told, we might get to play SPANC .

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