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The more I continue to learn about a certain former co-worker, the more angry I become at him/her. Granted, the fact that s/he is a former co-worker makes his/her conniving and treachery a tad easier to bear…but not much!

See, today, a certain ticking time bomb (read as: outdated and unsupported computer program from 1999) had a minor meltdown (read as: major glitch which hampered certain necessary functions), which caused me a minor meltdown (read as: Oh F!), which is now (thanks to the efforts of the replacement coworker) only going to take me tomorrow (instead of all next week) to re-do the work that was lost thanks to the major computer crap-age.

Office politics can be a bit of a bugger sometimes, you know? You think that everyone is on the same page, your supervisors know what’s going on, and then you find out that not only was your supervisor *not* communicating your needs to the higher-ups, he/she was playing one department against the other, each thinking that the other was the favored pet getting all of the attention, funds and championing. It about blew my socks off when I finally went directly to my boss with my concerns and he said, and I quote, “There’s a problem?”

But things seem to be going well, now. The new Sys.Admin. is a straight-shooter, willing to tackle the bearish problems (like my outdated software) and manages to laugh even when our collective towers are falling down around our ears. Thank goodness that he’d made a “lets make a copy to the server and see what we can do about upgrading your OS” copy on Tuesday, that’s the only reason I’m not stuck replacing more than just the last few days (unfortunately productive days) of AR data.

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