Oh the Humidity!

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What better way to spend a hot, sweltering weekend than in my meat-locker of an office? Well, I could think of better ways, but it wouldn’t have mattered because I chose to be responsible, for at least 6 hours of the 48.

You see, Friday did not go exactly as planned. It turned out that they fix we thought we’d acheived was merely a false sense of security. It took a few more hours and lot of restarts to find the missing link. A small funtion of a greater function has ceased to cooperate but there is a way around it that isn’t too terribly inconvenient, but it’s still not good: it’s the difference between a data error and a system error, the latter being the worst case scenario. Now we are left to wonder what will be next (hey, I’m not tempting fate any more than usual)?

Basically Friday became a wash as it took all day to resolve the problem and then get my new (to me) computer installed, set up and running (yay OS X!). While I went to run an errand at lunch I decided that it was better to use the Monday (not Tuesday in yesterday’s post) version of the data and start the week over instead of just wiping the AR for those days. Even though it meant a little more work overall, it really was easier this way since I didn’t have to worry about reversing files and making sure the replaced AR didn’t post a second time to the GL. I made the call on my cell to the office, and when I hung up I had this strange feeling of ‘wow, that felt awfully professional, like the way it seems in the movies.”

Just the night before I was noticing that everything in my life felt very temporary: my apartment, my job, school, etc. Friday, though, I came to a bit of a realization: I need to stop waiting to start my life, I am living it now. Work is not just my job for now, I’ve been at the company 11 years, it’s my career, I just need to accept it. Yes, my apartment being a lease is by nature temporary, but I should really finish unboxing and hang things on the wall, make it my home for as long as I’m here. And, I need to start doing those projects I think about doing and collect the parts and pieces for.

School is a bit more complicated. After this semester I will be completely finished with my AA degree (finally!). If I continue to pursue the art degree it’s going to mean taking time away from work to go to school. If I take time off of work I won’t be able to afford to go to school without adding to my student loans (already high enough from Culinary School). So I’m in a catch-22. Unless…

I could go back to the theory of an accounting degree, and maybe be able to continue my education online this way. Of course, FSU doesn’t have an undergrad accounting deree online, but they do offer their masters online. What I suppose I could get is my bachelor’s (online) in ISS (Interdisciplinary Social Sciences) and then do my Masters in accounting online. I’m not entirely keen on the Economics courses, but I’m sure I could manage, and I have the pre-reqs from years ago! The Sociology course could be pretty interesting, and I can deal with a few Geography courses tossed in to round it out. The fly in the ointment is that FSU charges more for their online credit hours than they do in-class credit hours, almost prohibitively more. It has, of course, just occurred to me that other Florida Universities might have online programs that are more specific to what I want and maybe even better priced (in-state is in-state people!). Something else to research this week.

Okay, enough of the introspection. In other activities I helped draft a pattern for a 16th century Flemish bodice for L, went to lunch with Mom and then painted a non-handled cup-vase-thing at Waddle Pots. Also, really loving the Publix brand Sherbet in Tropical Swirl: Cherry, Lime & Pineapple-Coconut.

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