The thing about an alarm clock…

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Is that it only works if you remember to turn it on!

Yes, folks, I sat down and made sure that I’d reset the wake-time to 6:45 am and then promptly went to sleep without turning it on. Eight-oh-eight on Monday morning I wake from a rather strange dream that apparently took place at an upcoming SCA event (lol) to notice that I did not hear the radio and, once I removed my eye mask, that sunlight was streaming in my window. It figures that on the one day I really shouldn’t be late, even though I dread what might happen, I forget to turn on the alarm.

As it was, I missed the worst of the small panic attack the boss had at the news of the computer glitch and the lost work, but not too long later I was there and able to reassure those that mattered that I had come in over the weekend and completed most of the necessary tasks to get us back up to speed. By noon I had all of the lost work completely restored and was moving on to closing out the month, etc. Luckily everything seems to be right and no lasting damage has been sustained. Tomorrow I get my new Firewire drive so no more 100mb Zip disks for backups lol and soon we will be moving on the new system which will mean much work for me, but overall a better solution for the company as a whole.

Off to tripple check that the alarm is set to the ‘on’ position…

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