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Well, I suppose life as a scribe really wouldn’t have been for me…all the ink on my fingers (and this from a modern cartridge pen) is not my cup of tea. Nonetheless, I’ve gotten a start on my art/sci project for 20th year. Wohoo! Finally not only sketches but ink on paper. My calligraphy is slow since I stop to practice each letter on scrap before actually writing on the presentation piece, but it’s there. Another couple of nights and I should have the calligraphy out of the way and be ready to start the illumination painting.

Something else I started tonight? Putting things on the walls. Yes! I now have my little curio shelf up with its bells, etc. (though I still need to buy a second one to balance that wall. Plus I went ahead and hung my enlarged pictures from Birmingham in a series in the hallway. Besides the framed watercolor from last semester that’ll be it for a while, but hey: it’s a start!

I think this calls for milk and cookies…

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