What a day!

Everyday Adventures

For a day off I sure did a bunch of work!

The weird thing about today was since there was absolutely NOTHING worth watching on televisions I’ve had DVDs in all day which rather distorts the concept of time as one episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch runs into another. Meanwhile I cleaned the kitchen (which included sweeping, mopping, wiping down counters and cabinets, and washing out the trash can), scrubbed the bathtub, tidied the living and dining rooms (which included the dreaded vacuum cleaner!), swept the back patio, made brownies and actually managed to grill hamburgers (more of a feat than you know…). In addition to all that I finished my first eHow article after re-reading the Style Guide and started the next Random Acts… strip. Oh, and I played pirate for an hour or two.

See what I mean? Apparently I should have days off more often. This weekend I plan to tackle my bedroom, the hall closets and the bathroom (I only got a tiny head-start today) so that the major tasks are done for the rest of the month. Maintaining order for the three weeks until I have company over is a lot easier when I start with a clean palette. At some point I also plan to make more headway here in the Abyss, but that will take much more than a weekend, truth be told.

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