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As much as I may hate to admit it (striving to be an enlightened and conscientous human being and all) I have them–I think we all do. I fully admit that they are archaic and not quite fair, but all the same I have trouble when those standards (as I would with any standards) are broken.

One main realm is sexuality. Speaking of archaic, I’m much more understanding of a woman in her twenties who is still a virgin. Granted, if she’s thirty-something and still pure as the driven snow then I’m hoping someone at least gifted her with an X-mart gift certificate but still, okay. Now a man, on the other hand. If he’s reached his late twenties without some practical knowledge of a woman’s body I’m hoping he has the good sense to hire an escort (practicing safely!) just to get the basics down. There is nothing more mood-killing than being half-naked when that bomb is dropped. Well, okay, there is, but it’s a tough call.

The other is tears. Notice I did not say emotion: I mean tears. I have a very hard time respecting a man who boo-hoos like a baby. Idealistic though it may be, if a man has to cry in my presence someone had better be dead or dying and I expect a silent tear or two trickling over a strong jaw. I should clarify, however, that this isn’t a true double standard, it’s more of a one and a half. You see, I don’t think women should lose it in public either.

Sure, I cry, I break down on occasion and no, it’s not always for logical reasons: but I do it behind closed doors whenever possible. It’s just more polite that way. So a man can cry when he needs to, behind closed doors, work things out emotionally to begin with and then? if he wants to talk about things sans tears? I’m there. And I really do expect the same from myself so maybe it’s not even a one and a half standard?

Even if it is, I’m not liable to change it at this point in the game.

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