The reclamation project is going well…

Everyday Adventures

At least the dining room table and side table in the living room have seen significant improvement. While not exactly exciting, this clutter has got to find somewhere else to live, it’s impeding any progress I try to make on anything.

Strangely enough, it didn’t hinder the completion of this tonight:

Happy 4th of July

But the completion of the one actually put me in the can-do spirit to start the other. Go figure. Amid the cleaning tomorrow I also need to finish up the first two articles (I need to check the first by the style guide again before I submit it for editing and the second needs to be organized and some photos taken; of course, whether or not I can upload them is yet to be determined. I’m still dismayed at how many sites there are that do /not/ play nice with Safari. [sad mac]) for eHow.

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