And then there were Pirates…

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Of the puzzle variety, doncha know.

So. The SuperSecret projects are all finished and went together brilliantly for Julie’s Pink and Blingy (3)7th Birthday Party! (name via palmie) Slumber parties are wasted on the young, you need to be older to really appreciate them. And we did! Lots of pink. Lots of Dr Who. Lots of pink Dr Whos and a Diva Dalek and kid foods (all from the brown food group) and girly movies and manicures and and and… We did actually get to sleep somewhere between 2 and 3 then had cookies and tarts mid-morningish for breakfast while playing a game before we cleaned up and went home. It was SO much fun!

All of that mean that by the time I got home Sunday (round about 2ish) all I was capable of doing was vegging out. I managed to make a decent supper (green veggies! woot!) but I really didn’t do much else. So tonight I was going to pick up a sub on the way home and be able to be productive! Uh, yeah, see, there were these pirates and I had to learn how to run the bilging station and, well, see, I was productive in that way. And then it was 8pm and I hadn’t uploaded the comic yet or done anything but eat supper and play a matching game for 2 hours. Hmmm. And since so much of the evening is done for (and I’ve scanned and uploaded the comic and made two blogposts) I think the bilge needs more pumping…. Arrrr!

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